Sarah Baby, according to your interpretation of the First Amendment, you can indeed yell that in a crowded theater.  You can also go up to someone who is African American, and call them the “N Word”.  In Sarah Palin’s America, you can call someone a Communist even though they aren’t; you may feel free say anything you want about anyone, most especially in the media because your rights to absolutely unlimited speech are protected by the First Amendment!  Isn’t that right, Sarah Baby?

Every time I think this woman can say something or do something dumber than previously shown, she surprises me once again.  Just imagine how Johnny Boy feels about that!  In an interview with a Conservative radio host today, she claims that by constantly bringing up William Ayers (and now apparently Jeremiah Wright), the media getting on her case is akin to infringement of her First Amendment rights.  Let’s let Governor Moosebrains speak for herself in this direct quote: “If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations,” Palin told host Chris Plante, “then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.”

This woman is incredibly fucking dumb.  A doorknob has a higher IQ…in fact, it’s MENSA compared to her.

Remember from grade school (they have those in Alaska, Sarah Baby; I know this for a fact because recently I’ve met quite a few incredibly intelligent folks from our 49th State.  So what’s your excuse?) the old addage of Free speech does not mean you can yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater.  In other words, there are certain times where your rights do not extend as far as you think.  You cannot accuse someone of something in the media without evidence to back it up, or it becomes a little thing known as “slander”.  So let’s just say someone accused you of being woefully being unprepared for ANY public office and that you have an incredibly narrow and shockingly shallow understanding of the US Constitution, you’d have to prove that they were wrong.  Gee, I wonder what would happen if that actually occurred?  I think you might just lose that argument.

What is even more frightening about this woman’s clear lack of a functioning brain, is the fact that she also is missing another key point of the First Amendment.  The Press (which has been guaranteed freedom under Amendment One) has the RIGHT to criticize you Sarah Baby…THAT IS exercising Freedom of Speech, not abridging YOUR right to speak…but once again, speaking in public within bounds.  Conceivably your accusation or Senator McCain’s accusation that Senator Obama is a Socialist or a Communist is SLANDER.  If he chose to, he could sue you (and would almost certainly win), and you can kiss little Piper’s college education fund goodbye.

More frightening is this: there are people in this country who will DEFEND her for this!  Not only that, the mindset of the current Republican Party is such that this is perfectly in line with their reasoning.  Please, I KNOW there are real Conservatives and Libertarians in the Republican Party who have no great love for what has happened to their Party.  Please take back your Party, give Americans a real, intelligent, and viable political movement and PUT THIS WOMAN OUT OF OUR MISERY.

Oh…one final thing Sarah Baby: this is an OPINION piece, just like the rest of the posts in this blog.  I even state that fact in the “About This Place” tab just over on the right.  You are an ignorant, dumb shit Sarah Palin.  If that offends you, well it’s too bad.

It’s my opinion, and I have a right to say it.  In fact, it’s guaranteed.

“Amendment I: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” – Constitution Of The United States Of America


15 responses to “Fire!

  1. A government, in disguise, which grows so large to accommodate all your needs is also a government which can take away all your liberties (paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson, a Democrat).

    I can think of no other Presidential candidate in my lifetime as Obama for which I am truly afraid for the future of our country. Increased taxation in a failing economy; increased government spending and social programs that will rape the middle class dry of every last tax dollar that they earn; the destruction of small business which is the backbone of America; yes….Obama (the Chosen One) is a Socialist…..I stop short of calling him a Communist (it is my opinion)…..until I see his picture posted on every street corner in America — only then will I compare him to Stalin.

    Yes, America we should grow larger and bigger to take care of everyone and every friggin problem they have — because government knows what’s better for you than you do yourself…..all praise the Motherland!! Who will pay for it….you Comrade!!
    Our Government is so great at managing and delivering on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and government backed lending (thanks Barney Franks and Mr. Dodd — you can take a bow now) that we should have them manage everything else too — Universal Healthcare, the Banks on Wall Street, your 401ks (thank you Nancy Pelosi — I mistook you for something stuck on my shoe).

    Not New Deal, but Raw Deal is the future of an Obama Administration. “The land of opportunity will now be the land of entitlements”

    I will close now with another Thomas Jefferson quote…”the government that governs least, governs best” (paraphrasing of course).

    It’s quite ironic that with all the censorship of the mainstream liberal media (such as CNN and the LA times) and the personal affront of liberals towards anyone who has an opinion different than their own — that it is they who have desecrated the First Amendment. The Democrats of Jefferson are still here, they are now call Republicans.

    Be Well Comrades!!

  2. A Government, which in disguise, grows so large as to accommodate the needs of the large Corporations, the Military Industrial Complex, and sacrifice it’s people in an illegitimate war deserves to be voted out of office. May I remind you sir, that the current Administration enlarged the deficit to record levels. It’s complete and total devotion to trickle down economics and deregulation of important safeguards that were enacted after the Great Depression to prevent what is happening now economically has been a disaster for millions of Americans.

    The current Administration has made a mockery of the Constitution by slowly and surely removing the rights and protections that it guarantees under the guise of protecting us from Terrorism. The President has even been on record as stating it’s “just a piece of paper”. Thousands of Americans have died PROTECTING THAT PIECE OF PAPER. Thousands of Americans have died in a war that was started not in protecting the Constitution, but under the guise of protecting us from Terrorism, enriched the coffers of large Corporations with whom we OUTSOURCED the support of the military to.

    Your logic is flawed because of one simple thing: you are thinking in terms that no longer apply to this century. The past is not necessarily prologue; the past can only become prologue if we allow it to. In order to affect change, one must think COMPLETELY out of the box. Universal Health care, Universal Education up to the Bachelor’s Level, and a completely Earth-friendly and self reliant Energy Policy is the only way to guarantee a future for America. This will create jobs. It will give EVERY CHILD THE SAME OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED. It will guarantee THE RIGHT TO LIVE by ensuring the Health of EVERY American, not those who can afford it.

    Will this expand government? Possibly; but if our current support of an illegal war stops, if our aid to other countries is redirected to strictly humanitarian needs, if we review the current allocations to programs in the Federal Budget and support only those which work…we could POSSIBLY REDUCE the current size of the Federal Budget. Our tax dollars will go to ensure the health and education and well being of EVERY American. We have a hell of a lot of money to spend on war, death, and destruction…we need to spend that money on LIFE. We need Government TO SUPPORT AND PROTECT its people. That is the charge of government.

    Protecting its people means securing the borders of this country and ensuring protection of the people of this country by smart means of fighting terrorism within the US without sacrificing the rights of its citizens. Support means ensuring the basic Human rights and requirements of it populace, such as Health Care (which guarantees LIFE) and an education. Why do you have a problem with this? If you knew that you would never have to pay out of pocket for Health Care; if you knew that you would never have to worry about your child’s education and future because your tax dollars are being redirected to that cause; if you knew that when you are elderly and placed in a Nursing Home you and your loved ones would not have to go broke in doing so…would you not say that this is a wise use of your taxes? Is this not better than making war and killing innocents with your tax dollars? Is this not better than sending your child off to fight in a war that is based purely on ideology and has nothing to do directly with the protection of this Nation? If you knew all of your tax dollars could be used for Humanity instead of Ideology, is that not worth the price…ANY PRICE at ANY TAX rate?

    Your use of the terms Socialist and Communist to describe Senator Obama’s proposed programs is nothing short of fear mongering talking points…in my opinion, of course. Eight years of a terrible economy, wars without an end in sight, Americans going broke because they are losing their jobs because they have been outsourced, large Corporations running amok because of policies designed to favor a select few is not my idea of America.

    Motherland? Well, we can substitute “Homeland” (a term which I DESPISE) as a representation of type of Fascist rhetoric…can’t we? Growth of large Corporation and concentration of the wealth in a select few AT THE EXPENSE OF SMALL BUSINESS is Fascism….plain and simple…and that is what has been going on over the past eight years.

    Make no mistake, John McCain would be a continuation of the establishment of Fascism; and God forbid if Sarah The Unqualified gets into office. The Bill of Rights would be interpreted the way SHE sees them. The Press has a RIGHT TO CRITICIZE a political candidate; that is guaranteed by Amendment One. Her incompetence in understanding something as basic as the US Constitution has been revealing. Your support of a a man who has sold his soul to a political party and an ideology that he CLEARLY is at odds with at times is revealing. I can only conclude that you see a kindred spirit…the sacrifice of yourself, not for the greater good, but for the greater good of the elite and yourself.

    Trust me: if posters start popping up with Obama’s face on it if he is elected, I will be the first to agree with you that there is a danger there that must be fought. Our current situation demands change in the way we govern and the way we think. That can only come from within…you just have to have the courage and the willingness to channel it for Humanity instead of yourself.

  3. Wow. Stephen, I just don’t understand how someone like Barack Obama can scare you and someone like Sarah Palin doesn’t. This really isn’t my problem with your rant though.

    I find it hard to believe that you would ever compare Barack Obama to Stalin. Do you not realize that Stalin, like Hitler, Lenin & Mao is a genocidist (a piker compared to Mao but still…)? Stalin murdered somewhere around between 20 and 30 million… there is some controversy it is true, Hitler only managed around 20 million and of course Mao wins the prize at 175 million, and poor Lenin only a half a million! How many people has Barack Obama murdered? um Zero? ding!! ding!! ding!! ding!! that’s correct! Zero. So comparing him to Stalin is an egregious lie and possibly slanderous. I would suggest you retract that statement. Just a thought. See Arkangel3’s article for reasons why (btw they are LEGAL — Civil not Criminal — but I would suggest that they are moral as well.)

    But back to Obama… So you don’t like his programs… fine. You don’t have to. But don’t lie. Please. Don’t name call. It is unbecoming. If you think his programs are communistic or socialistic please, go ahead and use those terms, but DO NOT EVER compare any man who has not killed one single person to the likes of Stalin ( Hitler, Lenin, or Mao). These people were monsters. Barack Obama is no monster. Stalin was.

    Barack Obama has political opinions you do not agree with… that is all. He will not be rounding you up and sending you off to a gulag or worse because you don’t agree with him. Happily, because of the First Amendment, you are safe in expressing your opinion. Even the one in which you compare him to one of the Worlds Greatest Murderers. If, in the morning you wake up in a world in which Barack Obama is the future president, you can rest safely in knowing that your opinion, so freely expressed here will not cause you to lose your freedom or your life.

    There are so many other things in your comment I disagree with but the above is primary and all the rest… well… Under the First Amendment you are entitled to your opinion, wrong though it may be. I do disagree with your assessment that the middle class will be taxed on every dollar they make. Well… currently, since I don’t make more than $102,000 I pay Social Security tax on every dollar I make. Does that make me Poor or over taxed Middle Class… Why is it that the Poor pay on every dollar they make but the people making the most amount of money don’t? By the way, it wasn’t Barney Franks or Nancy Pelosi who raped the middle class by stealing the Social Security funds to make them pay for the general funding needed by the government to run their wars and buy their paperclips it was another Democratic Congress in 1965. Please place the blame where it belongs. It was a mistake then and an even bigger mistake now, but there have been Republican controlled Congresses since 1995-2007 so why is it still a problem???

    I’ve been on the planet a while now. After President Carter, my earnings dropped by about 12% by the end of Reagan’s administration, it dropped another 5% under Bush I. I went back to college to finish a couple of degrees under Bush I so that I could make more money. It didn’t help. The economic policies foisted upon the American public during Reagan-Bush have had extended damage on me and mine. And yes there have been Democrats in office since then. But please note, the three greatest economic crashes have occurred on the Republican’s watch, requiring a Democrat to come in and clean up the mess. The only time that Republican’s didn’t trash what the Dems did was Eisenhower. Starting with Nixon, the Poor and the Lower Middle Class have basically taken it without lubricant. Please remember another time this happened… the poor rose up and put the wealthy in prisons and systematically decapitated them. It was called the French Revolution. When the poor become so oppressed that they cannot take it any more then there is a revolution. My fear is that the bloodless revolution of Barack Obama becoming president will not happen and there will be a far more bloody, damaging revolution to follow. That is what makes me sleepless these last few nights.

  4. well I don’t have the time to go point by point, but I really think you are misguided in a few areas:

    Both the deficit and out of control spending were proposed and approved by the Democrat controlled Congress, as well as the Patriot act…so you’re not correct on those points.

    Regarding the Patriot Act, I beg for you to give me specific examples of wrongly convicted and imprisoned citizens that resulted from any reduction in their liberties.

    I don’t have any problem with any legal CITIZEN having equal access to healthcare, education and the opportunity to build a future for their family. I just don’t think government is the answer, since they can’t manage and never have anything else effectively (you didn’t address that point). History and precedent are prime examples. I don’t feel like flushing my tax $ down the drain towards social programs that will be mismanaged and misaligned with the needs of the public….there does need to be a better way, but not this way.

    I agree that things need to change and improve on what we have, but the social agenda of Obama and his “need for change” are not the answer. It sort of reminds me of the depressed citizenry in Nazi Germany during the late 30’s casting their vote for hope and change that turned into despotism and facism. It gives me chills just looking at his agenda for our country.

    I am a small business owner, a taxpayer, a family man, and involved in the healthcare industry. I think I have better insight into the small business/healthcare issues than you might at this point. And by the way, everyone should vote what is personal to themselves — it’s the collective self interest that always will determine the outcome and hence…the will of the people. Never vote for something else that you think is in someone else’s best interest — they’re not voting for yours and you will be give away your vote (or why vote at all).

    Small businesses will be crushed by Obama’s tax plans — watch and see it happen. Regarding Universal Healthcare — I think it’s an admirable goal which I support, I just don’t think government can handle it….Universal Healthcare in Mass, Oregon, and now Hawaii are all in trouble…they didn’t factor in supply and demand and the basic principles of capitalism. You can’t have both socialism and capitalism side by side — you need to choose and pick one. The evidence is clear.

    Regarding public health/education — just look at your own State of NJ. 1.3 million uninsured..mostly illegal aliens…not enough doctors/hospitals to handle every single one of them, so rationed care and diminished quality will result…as well as the mass exodus of gifted medical practitioners. Gov’t subsidy you say to provide to all…where are they getting the $ to pay for it?

    Education — 65% of my tax bill goes towards public education. Great education at the teacher level, poor management and huge overhead/benefits by greedy unions and State officials. I still don’t get what I pay for and the bill keeps rising ever year — not for public education or “for the kids” but for teacher and administrator pensions and healthcare –which they don’t pay for — NJ is a microcosm of what will happen to the rest of this country and that’s not a good thing…NJ is a socialist state and it’s failed at everything it touches, as has the federal government for its federal programs. Why would I vote for something that is so wrong for our country.

    BTW — a true example of how to judge someone is NOT by what they say, but what they do or have done. I don’t want someone to say “present’ or press the yellow abstention button on touch issues — I want a leader and it’s not Obama. He talks the talk, but has never walked the walk. Sarah Palin has more experience than he does and there is quite enough proof to demonstrate that. You may not like her, but at last she has convictions, rather than “positions”.

  5. BTW — I never compared him to Stalin…I only called him a socialist and on his way to communism by the tone of his agenda. I only mentioned Stalin as an example of what happens when you give a government and its leader full authority to have the “government provide what it interprets is good for it’s people” — hence the real world example of his picture posted everywhere to remind the people that he was in control. So your interpretation was taken to a new level that was quite unnecessary — I never called Obama a Stalin — only that his “social policies” were representative of a failed social agenda. Human rights never factored into that equation. Just so I’m clear….and if I wanted to call him that, it’s my right, not slander. To prove slander in a legal sense, you have to prove that I actually hurt Barack Obama in some way…I’m sure he doesn’t know or care. So slanderous it is not.

  6. I stop short of calling him a Communist (it is my opinion)…..until I see his picture posted on every street corner in America — only then will I compare him to Stalin.

    That was my quote — don’t try your typical liberal twists and turns and try to make mince meat out of pie. This was my quote in black and white swineprincess — don’t make it more than what was said.

  7. It is true, you do stop just short of comparing him to Stalin, however you to threaten to. I will admonish you once again, until he starts murdering millions, you might want to hold off. Your invective is not appreciated by me or millions of others who would prefer to keep this discussion on a more civil basis.

    Your comparison was by tucking the two names in the same paragraph a few words apart. And yes, you did compare them by threatening to compare them “when” the picture appears on street corners. You, sir, are fear mongering. Pure and simple. You are engaging in the same kind of negative campaign tactics of your Republican role models. Fear by association. You are no less fear mongering than the crazy wild-eyed Michelle Bachmann was when she asserted the entire Congress should be investigated for anti-American activities. She didn’t accuse anyone, she just tucked “Congress” and “anti-American” into the same sentence. Shame on you.

  8. I am an RN working in different capacities over the past 15+ years…my current position is in an inner city hospital (not for profit corporation owns said hospital) working with many indigent and charity care cases. If Senator Obama was to ask for my opinion on how to make universal healthcare work, I would suggest to him to use the existing systems that we have in place (Medicare and Medicaid) first, instead of completely revamping to emulate another country’s system. To make the system work better, I would suggest having Senator Clinton make recommendations on how to “redistribute” money from other areas (like maybe withdrawing all foreign aid from countries that don’t need our aid, taking away tax breaks for the top 2%, taking away tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs, etc). Hey let’s face it, we all learned how to balance a checkbook didn’t we? At least I was taught not to spend irreverently, I was taught to be frugal and how to save my money (if I can’t afford that Lexus today because I need to buy food and pay my mortgage)

    In my humble opinion, “redistribution of wealth” is already happening in this country…just not to the benefits of the common middle and lower class people. Taxes are raised, no matter what financial bracket you’re in. I have no say in where my taxes are spent. I certainly disagree with my tax dollars being used to give corporations freedom to outsource jobs, to give big bonuses to undeserving executives, and to build and sell weapons and technology that I disagree with which will then bomb and kill innocent people in third world countries who haven’t done anything wrong. I would prefer my tax dollars to be redistributed to needy families and children; I would love for veterans to receive needed mental health benefits and medical care; I would love to see elder care improved. I would love to see a universal educational system (similar to Çuba, a DIÇTATORSHIP) where all people would have equal opportunity at learning up to university level. If I’m not mistaken, only 2 countries on this planet do NOT have universal healthcare…that would be the US and South Africa (we’re in SUÇH august company, aren’t we?!)

    By casting my vote for Senator Obama this morning, I have appeased my own conscience. No one can take that away.

  9. Salient points:

    -The ENTIRE Congress, both Republican and Democrat, is to blame for the shift in Legislative Authority to the Executive Branch by rolling over and playing dead under the guise of fear. Make no mistake, I blame Democrats as much as Republicans for their cowardice under fire when the protection of our Constitution was at an essential crossroads. Despite the fact that the Congress was given little time to read the massive legislation put before them, they alone were responsible for protecting the Republic by taking the time to READ THE GOD DAMNED PATRIOT ACT. Only ONE Senator (Russ Feingold) and a handful of Congressmen and Congresswomen did and had the courage of their convictions to vote against this legislation. Likewise, the vesting of authority to authorize a war was unjustly (and probably unconstitutionally…but try and get that one past “Those Nine”) placed in the hands of the Executive Branch.

    -Your point about naming one case of a citizen that has been wrongly convicted and imprisoned has been duly noted. However WE ARE NOT PRIVY TO THIS INFORMATION IF INDEED IT DID HAPPEN. UNDER THE PATRIOT ACT, ACTIVITIES OF THIS NATURE CAN REMAIN CLASSIFIED. I strongly suggest you READ the document, which is freely (at least for now) available on the web. If after reading it, you decide that you definitely need additional fiber in your diet, something is wrong with you.

    -Your point about Nazi Germany is also noted; I find the comparisons quite remarkable, and have noted that in a number of posts on this blog. My take is however, the we are headed toward Fascism rather than what you perceive as Communism. Once again, please feel free to read and comment as you wish. You may just find that perhaps I am not as Liberal as I seem, nor as Libertarian as I probably should be (but I am to a great degree in many cases). I believe in Government getting the hell out of my life as much as possible. I do believe that Health care and Education are basic human RIGHTS and because of the failure of the Private Sector to effectively provide these services adequately, it is now the DUTY of Government, in order to adequately protect and provide for its citizens (as is the basic charter of any Government; see Locke, John) those services.

    -The point about Property Taxes in relation to Education and the cost being directed at the unions and failed programs is noted…and I completely agree with you there. This is the fault of EVERY NEW JERSEY ADMINISTRATION FOR THE PAST TWO TO THREE DECADES. Wise use of tax dollars is only a reality when the public holds its elected officials accountable. This has not been done.

    -While I certainly agree that New Jersey is overall a failed state, the last time I looked the Mafia was not exactly a meeting of the local Soviet.

  10. arkangel — agreed on all points on your latest post… see we can agree!

    swineprincess — YOU are guilty of slander by misinterpreting my comments and restating them as fact back to this blog in writing. YOU have brought an uncivil nature to these discussions. I have a proposition for you..people have a habit of hiding behind blogs and the anonymity to feel to say anything they want because their identity is hidden. I think you may feel differently if both of our identities were exposed and we actually knew each other — things that are actually felt may not be actually said — especially if there was no where to hide. We can meet over coffee and debate our political ideas. If that’s too much for you, then you can send my contact info to Obama for slander prosecution (let see if that sticks) and I can file a lawsuit against you and your blog posts in local State court for slander. I think I would win.

  11. Oh, one more thing… about “small business owners”… I had a hard time with this one because the term small business owner is such a loaded one… do you mean my two friends who basically have what amounts to a hobby business … a small store from which they sell some cool stuff, are not able to make a living from it but because they are otherwise employed as waitresses or freelance writers they can maintain the store? Or perhaps you mean the small independent grocery store in my town… the one that has to fight off the corporate advances of both Kroger and Whole Foods? They only have 125 employees. Or are you talking about the small arms manufacturer? Did you know that they can have 1000 employees before they are considered “not small”? Or maybe you are talking about an oil refinery? They can have 1500 employees before they are not small. Confectionery manufacturers on the other hand can only have 100 employees before they are not small. A New Car dealer is not small after he makes $29 million. Blood Banks on the other hand are not small after $10 million. My friend above would have to make $7 million before she’d be considered not small. I used to work for an engineering company who could make up to $27 million a year before they were considered not small they were just militantly deliberate about this too because going over meant that they might lose their ability to bid on Federal small business set-asides… the bread and butter of the business. BTW 27 million is a big company with multiple locations and several hundred employees… they actually made more than 27 million a year because their off shore locations income wasn’t counted. So who’s going under? Probably my friends, but not because of the Democrats.

  12. No, I am not guilty of slander. I am guilty of interpreting and reading between the lines. Furthermore if you want to know who I am all you have to do is go to my blog. It may take you following a link or two but eventually you will come to my webpage where in I give you my full name, tell you what city I live and if you are really Google-savvy you can probably get a map to my house.

  13. swineprincess — whatever definition of small business owner you wish to use is irrelevant — they are employers contributing to the economy and the general economic welfare. Under an Obama administration (similar to my corrupt Democratic State of NJ) the government will be the largest employer — taking but never giving back.

    I love Kansas BTW.

  14. Kansas is a beautiful state. Even my little spot of blue!

    OBAMA!!!! YAAAAAAA!!! As I type this McCain is giving his concession speech.

    When I was a child of 5, I got in trouble with my Grandmother because I wanted a drink of water and there was a long line at one drinking fountain but there was another identical fountain that had no line. At 5 I couldn’t read the sign above it that said “Coloreds Only” all I knew was that I wouldn’t have to wait at that fountain and so I drank. We have come so far to this day.

  15. congratulations to all who supported Obama — yes even you swineprincess. I also still have my spot of red in a blue state. Majority of towns in central and southern NJ went red — despite Obama winning handedly in all areas (with the exception of my County) setting up the anti-corzine backlash in NJ for 2009 — it’s coming. Peace!

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