The Final Debate: Quick Thoughts

Just some things I’ll write about quickly, then I’ll have a much longer post later on or tomorrow:

Who took Johnny Boy off his meds?  It sure as hell seemed that he was more coherent, but much more angrier (if that al all possible) than he had been previously.  I had been on an anti-depressant that controlled my mood, made me calmer and much less prone to anger, but I was a zombie most of the time.  Thankfully, I’m no longer on it (it was Paxil…STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PILL!).  This was his best debate performance, but not a game changer…unless you’re a woman today wincing at the “air quotes” when he described “health” of the mother when talking about abortion.

Senator Obama was his usual cool, poised self.  It seems the calmer he stayed and answered every question put to him (with a minimum of the usual political runaround, and MUCH less so than in other debates), the madder Johnny Boy got.  The master-lawyer and President of the Harvard Law Review was on display all night last night, as well as a Machiavellian Master of drawing an opponent into battle and crushing him with overwhelming force.  He made sure McCain went into attack mode, and deftly explained his relations with Ayers and ACORN and then some.  He also made sure the good Senator knew about his current “associations” of who he “pals around with” on Foreign Policy (Joe Biden and Dick Lugar), and Economics (Warren Buffett and Paul Volcker).  I thought he laid waste that line of attack last night, but Johnny Boy and surrogates are still clinging to it.

For me, the moment where Obama may just have won the Presidency was when he drew out McCain on the hateful tone at Palin’s rallies after Obama had just explained what Congressman Lewis meant by his remarks over the weekend (commenting on the tenor of those rallies as dangerous in character).  McCain looked flummoxed, and almost saddened.  He knows DAMNED WELL those fringe elements are at the rallies, and mostly at Palins…and neither of them have stopped their speeches and pointed these lunatics out.  Obama called him on it…said PALIN did nothing to stop it…staying a bit short of McCain, probably because McCain did the right thing last Friday.  All McCain could do was say he was proud of his supporters (Veterans, and who knows who else; it all got lost in translation).  Johnny Boy knows all this behavior is WRONG…I know he does, you could tell…you can see it on his face when he realized just how far this has gotten out of line.

When Obama went out, and stood up to racist and frightening behavior…it proved he was a brave soul and a fighter.  That’s why I think more people will vote for him after this debate.

And good old Joe The Plumber?  He’s starting to look like more of a Watergate-like plumber…and that, dear readers, is going to be cannon fodder for our next installment.  Cya then.

“It ain’t over, till it’s over.” – Yogi Berra