All About This Place

There are moments of transition and revelation, and moments of awareness and clarity; seconds of indecision and doubt; hours of sanity and insanity.  It is the Past as created by the Present, and the Future made manifest in the Now.  When we are caught in the midst of the maelstrom of these events, we are witness to and have become part of the crossroads of our very existence…these are Intersections In Real Time.

This is a Commentary site; all of the opinions are my own or that of any guest writer.  Any statements regarding fact, speculation, or direct quotations will have links and/or Authors directly attributed.

Discussions will involve Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Fatherhood (hey, I’m a stay at home Dad), and Life in General.  All Comments by readers are now moderated, as of March 2008. This does not mean your comment will not appear on my site whether I agree with your point of view or not.  I very much believe in free expression of ideas; unfortunately over the past several months, some comments made it through the spam filters that should not have.  In addition, comments pertaining to a subject went on WAY over their shelf-life and in one instance, a comment of a personal nature got through.  This will no longer happen.

If you are looking for a good laugh or a good cry or something to think about, then you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve done my job if I manage to do all of that…and more.  Like I said, comments are more than welcome, so please…feel free to post away.  Guest Writers also welcome.

Another Note: The name of this Blog is from an episode of “Babylon 5”, one of the greatest Science Fiction TV shows ever created.  The philosophy of the show and the brilliant writing of J. Michael Straczynski (the show’s creator and chief writer) has influenced me tremendously.  I must pay a debt of gratitude to him, and I use the title of a particular episode as the name of this blog because of the underlying message contained within and as a tribute.  I can only hope that my writing does justice to it’s brilliance.

When the Universe gives you a chance or a moment of understanding…take it.  It is a rare gift.


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