Open Thread: OK…So What The Hell Do I Write About Now?

After that little tirade last night (at a VERY late/early hour), I’m at a loss for words.  I’m still drained from being all worked up, and aside from the fact that the Bail Out was signed into law and the Market fell the minute the pen touched the paper and before the ink dried.

I’m taking tonight off to recoup and try and come up with something later on today or tomorrow.  This campaign ALWAYS provides material…so who knows?  Any suggestions of where I go from here?



Beat Me In St. Louis

Joe Biden was absolutely magnificent.  He was knowledgeable, respectful, and well…Vice Presidential.

Sarah Palin thought she was back in the Miss Alaska contest.  She did NOT answer moderator Gwen Ifill’s questions, going so far as to even STATE THAT SHE WOULDN’T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS to both Senator Biden and Gwen Ifill.  That was incredibly disrespectful to both of these professionals.  And that was only the beginning of “The Sarah Palin Show”.

Her answers were mini-stump speeches, dropped in whenever she felt like it.  She winked at the audience…winked!  She may not blink, but she sure can wink!  She was snarky, and conveyed a know-it all attitude that had my jaw dropping.  Her non-answers to important, potentially earth-shattering questions were astounding.  I literally had my hands on my head, shouting at the TV how absolutely DUMB this woman was.  There was all the style, and scripted substance.  Inside that shell of a human being (if you could even call her that…and I’ll get back to this point) is no soul.  She is robotic, programmed by her handlers and the McCain campaign as well as the GOP Right Wing.  Her demeanor toward a sitting Senator and a respected Journalist (and yes, part of the Mainstream Media that the Republicans hate so much) was condescending and conveyed that she had a vast superiority complex.

Well, let me tell you something Sarah Baby, you had NO BUSINESS being on the same stage as those two people, let alone on the same planet.  Sarah Baby, your answers were just what they told you to say and all at the wrong times.  While Biden was thoughtful and intelligent and ANSWERED THE QUESTION THAT WAS UP FOR DEBATE, you chose to dismiss that little fact.  While everyone is going to spin this one their way in both Presidential Campaigns, I’m going to tell you what I saw.


There.  I feel all better now.

Well not quite, because there’s that little bit about Humanity, Sarah Baby.  You know, the species that Joe Six-Pack belongs to.  The one you would clearly jeopardize by your brush off of an answer to nuclear proliferation.  The race you belong to that could be put in danger because the very thought of putting the US Embassy in Jerusalem could inflame every single Arab Nation that surrounds Israel, possibly negating existing treaties with Egypt and Jordan and ignite a regional war that will surely end in millions dead.  You know, the people that vote…the people that are like “some of my best friends are gay” implication you made when asked about Gay Rights.  You know…the voters who AREN’T all Joe Six Pack.  The ones who have brains in their heads, something you clearly don’t have, Sarah Baby.  Because you’re totally on Johnny Boy’s script and can’t think of a thing yourself…except for the fact you want power and more of it.

The very fact that tonight’s debate featured a moment where Sarah Baby wants to exert more power in the Senate, the Legislative Branch of Government…something NO VICE PRESIDENT HAS EVER DONE, because although the VP “presides” over the Senate in the powers granted to that position in the Constitution, it is not meant for full time Legislative activities.  It is meant as a person who breaks ties in the Senate.  There is a President Pro Tem who runs the show in the Upper House…and even they don’t run the show most times.  They are there as a Parliamentarian.  What Johnny Boy and Sarah Baby plan on doing is nothing short of a takeover of the Legislative Branch of Government and dominate that Branch as a part of the Executive Branch of Government in order to completely control the way the United States of America does business.

Make no mistake about it, a McCain Administration would be nothing short of the death of the Republic, with Sarah Palin spearheading the charge toward a Fascist Dictatorship.  Dick Cheney started this process with his Machiavellian scheming from the all powerful “Undisclosed Location”.  The prospect of Sarah Palin as Vice President is frightening in its implications alone, let’s just hope there is no implementation of that process.

When Joe Biden had an emotional moment recalling the death of his first wife and infant daughter in a car crash, Sarah Palin did not blink.  When it was her turn to respond to the question, instead of showing compassion for the man, she chose to resort to a rehearsed answer immediately afterward.  NONE.  Not even an ACKNOWLEDGMENT.  It just proved that it’s all about Sarah Baby.  It’s all about the show that is being perpetrated on the American Public every time she or Johnny Boy go out and speak.  She even had the balls to pretty much say that she was done giving interviews for the rest of the campaign.  Right after Joe Biden’s moment of humanity.

One moment of humanity, Sarah Baby…you could have shown it and it might have even been a real moment of compassion.  Instead, it was back on message and the hell with Joe Biden.  The hell with Gwen Ifill or the audience in that auditorium.  In fact, the hell with all of us, because you showed us your true colors tonight Governor.  It’s all about YOU and Johnny Boy and the Right Wing doing ANYTHING to WIN and MAINTAIN POWER AT ALL COSTS…even your own Humanity in the process, if you had any to start with.

What was on display was a shell with no soul.  What was on stage was all eye candy.  It was all a rehearsed script with lots of writers and the pages were all tossed up and in the wrong order.  It was a sham of a debate…hell, it was a debacle!  There was no debate because she chose her own debate questions and answers; just the same way the Bush Administration has for the past eight long years.  Complete and utter disregard for the citizens of this country and a thorough lack of understanding or respect for The Constitution of The United States of America.

You got beat in St Louis, Sarah Baby.  You’ll feel the aches and pains in the morning, when the fact checkers are done and the pundits focus on the one moment in the debate that wasn’t scripted…your lack of compassion.  THAT will be your Achilles Heel; the one you said you didn’t have by not answering the question that pertained to that very subject in the debate.

Sarah Palin might not have been the death knell for the McCain campaign as was feared this evening.  If John McCain and Sarah Palin are elected it will surely be the death knell of the Republic, and possibly the planet.

And then we will look back and wonder who really got beaten in St. Louis.

“Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear.” – Thomas Jefferson

AUTHOR”S NOTE: I resent the term “Joe Six-Pack”.  It is a demeaning term to men who should not produly wear it with a badge of honor.  I am a recovering alcoholic, and I was never Joe Six Pack.  As sure as I am here, I have been blessed by sobriety through the good grace and redemption of my soul because I was saved from that which almost killed me.  Joe Six Pack takes on an entirely different meaning for me, because it represents the ashes from which I and so many others like me have arisen from.  Do not assume that we all fit nicely into a particular box or category.

“Because of our kinship in suffering, our channels of contact have always been charged with the language of the heart.” – Bill Wilson