Presidential Debates Round 2: A Town Brawl?

Tomorrow night we have Round 2 of the McCain-Obama Debates, and this one will be in a “Town Hall” format (with questions from the audience and the Internet), moderated by Tom “I Used To Be A Newsman” Brokow.  Based on today’s events on Wall Street, and the Full-Frontal Assault by both campaigns on each other; this might just prove to be the most interesting one of all.

This is supposedly McCain’s forte, these give and take sessions with regular folks like us…you know, the guys who are lucky to have one home let alone 12.  Regular folks like us who have to have both parents work, or have one parent with two jobs; not a Senate position that pays six figures (or a CEO job that pays eight) annually and a generous pension to boot.  Normal, average folks who struggle to pay their monthly bills, put food on the table, and try not to go broke because of Health Care costs.  Yup, you betcha’…regular folks just like us.  Questions that will come from an audience who could care less about Weathermen, and William Whatshisname and any schoolyard terrorists…er, bullies…that Senator Obama may have known because he was in the same third grade class as they were.  Yeah, this is Johnny Boy’s favorite format…until tomorrow.

Because that’s when Johnny Boy goes nuclear.

In his hate filled, trash talking campaign speech today, you could just sense that if Senator Obama were there in front of him, there would be a fight.  The hate and venom that was seething forth from the podium like a dry-ice fog at a 1977 Yes Concert was hard to miss; it was like watching the dials on a reactor slowly creep into the Red Zone.  It wasn’t the polls that made him this way, hell…it wasn’t even righteous indignation at the Wall Street crowd that had him mad as hell.  It was two little words that were whispered around the campaign for months, two little words that when uttered in this man’s presence could send him to a guaranteed fit of rage.  Two hushed words that have been avoided for over two years; the ones that Obama supporters have been waiting to hear for weeks now.

Pssssssssssst….”Keating Five”.

The Keating Five was finally mentioned by the surrogates all weekend, building up to the release of a nicely done 15 minute video on the history of the Great American Savings And Loan Scandal from the late 1980’s by the Obama Team today on a separate web site and on You Tube:

There it is, in all it’s infamous glory, no longer a whisper but out into the light of day like a scream made by a wailing banshee.  You could see the anger being tightly controlled as he uttered the words of his oh-so poorly worded text (Johnny Boy, you REALLY need better writers.  I’d offer my services gratis, but I’ll only work for honorable people).   You could see that the very fact that he was resorting to the most vile of campaign tactics in the past few days wasn’t paying off for him…and he knew it too.  Imagine!  The sheer AUDACITY of the Stock Market to pick THIS moment to COLLAPSE and overshadow his well-planned moment of attack but a mere week after he single-handedly saved the economy (and the Republic) by his Divine influence on his fellow Republicans to vote for the bailout Bill!  (Curse you, Barack Obama!)

I’m almost certain that Johnny Boy was getting ready to have a very different Town Hall tomorrow night.  He would have most certainly laid a trap for Obama to fall into: he could mention something about his middle name of Hussein, or his connection to a 60’s radical (now a Professor)  who lives in his neighborhood who committed acts of violence when Obama was 8.  Perhaps he could mention that there were more terrorists in Obama’s closet, and maybe now was the time he could in fact reveal that Barack Obama was responsible for the Crimean War.  (See?  I predicted this just last week!)

Well, like Bob Dylan said, “It’s all over now, baby blue”.  You’re just going to have to discuss ISSUES tomorrow night, Johnny Boy…that is, unless your mainstream media-whore Tom Brokow feeds you a question on the matter (which wouldn’t surprise me at all).  Otherwise, you’re on your own.  You’ll have to talk about how your Medical Plan would be the single greatest middle-class tax increase in history by taxing employer health benefits.  You’ll also have to talk about how part of how your plan on paying for this is by cuts in Medicare and Medicaid; that should win you Florida, Johnny Boy.  You’re going to have to talk about paying the bills around that mythical kitchen table (one of the dozen or so you have)…especially paying the Mortgages.

Ah yes, Mortgages!  As in, the very instruments that got us into this Financial Disaster; the ones that were made possible not only through greed and avarice on Wall Street, but made possible by the very legislation you and Saint Philip of Deregulation championed.  Mortgages that are making Banks and other Financial Institutions fail, leaving thousands of stockholders and Taxpayers a hell of a lot poorer…some whose life savings and 401Ks were invested in those companies and who are now wiped out.  Mortgages that are toppling the Stock Market; not only causing our Financial Markets to crash, but others across the globe.  You’ll be forced to play by the rules, Johnny Boy; unless you decide to go tangential like Sarah Baby…only on you, it will appear like the onset of senility; not hubris masquerading as carelessness.

Remember…YOU started this, Johnny Boy.  YOU decided to go negative.  Barack Obama has already indicated that he will not be the first one throwing the punch, but he will certainly be the last one throwing one.  This all could have been avoided.  You decided to throw caution to the wind maintaining your poor judgment of the past few weeks…hell, the past few years.  The same poor judgment that the Senate found you lacking in the Keating Five scandal.  You weren’t found guilty, censured, or exonerated either.  You were damned by your own poor judgment…IT’S PUBLIC RECORD.  So tomorrow night, I’d stay away from playing in the mud, Johnny Boy because if you do, those two words that you hate so much will be brought up in this Debate because THEY ARE RELEVANT TO THE CURRENT FINANCIAL CRISIS AND TO THIS CAMPAIGN.  The two words that Barack Obama will utter, and explain clearly to the American people as only he can; millions of them watching on television.  The two words that will make you lose it:

Keating Five.

Senator Obama, duck fast…I hear Johnny Boy has a mean right hook.

“Never start a fight, but ALWAYS finish it.” – Ambassador David Sheridan (Retired) (Babylon 5/jms)


“Boom Today!”

“No ‘Boom!’ today, ‘Boom!’ tomorrow.  There’s always a ‘Boom!’ tomorrow” – Commander Susan Ivonova (Babylon 5/jms)

Way back in my first post, I stated my love for the television show, “Babylon 5”; and that in fact, this blog is named after an episode of that series.  I also professed my admiration of the show’s creator and writer of about 90% of the show, J. Michael Straczynski, and his magnificent ability to inspire me.  There were also moments of sheer terror on that show which reflect much of what we are going through in this day and age: a totalitarian regime dominating Earth and subjugating freedom by imposing martial law; an organization called Night Watch which encouraged spying on your neighbors and anyone who may be “disloyal” to the establishment…and this is only some of what was going on.

Joe, if you’re reading this, please let me know what next week’s lottery numbers are.

While I certainly could go on about the show (and I will from time to time in the future), today I did something unusual: I started the Blog with a quote, and one from the space station Babylon 5’s irracible, sarcastic, sometimes fatalistic, but always entertaining Russian Commander.  Given the current state of the Stock Market, a truer statement she never made during the show’s 5 year run  (well, maybe not…) but it sure as hell appears as if someone pulled the drain on the bathtub…because the whirlpool is running, and our economy is going with it.  So are the rest of the World Markets.

Boom, today.


UPDATE AT 13:21 EST (-5GMT):

Stock Market still dropping (currently at -537 points approx 9770 total); McCain Camp still focused on William Ayers, and Obama Camp pushing Keating 5 all over the place.  I think Johnny Boy better come prepared for tomorrow night’s debate with another set of Depends.

UPDATE AT 15:33 EST (-5GMT):

Have you even seen the movie with Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster called “Run Silent, Run Deep”?  Gable playes an obsessed sub Captain trying to get back at the Japanese who destroyed his previous sub, and Lancaster plays his XO.  There’s a scene in the movie where The Captain keeps running drill after drill and shouting, “Dive!  Dive!” every time the sub crew didn’t perform the drill up to snuff.  The sub goes down, and the sub surfaces.  That’s been the stock market the past week…one big sub exercise with the word “DIVE” ringing in our ears.

And so far, we’re running deep, but no one is silent.

Right now, I am hearing some of the most hateful words from John McCain about Barack Obama prefaced with the words “Who is Barack Obama?”  Dear Jesus, what’s next Johnny Boy?  Sheets at your rallys?   Free rope with admission?  The American public is GOING BROKE thanks to YOUR spearheading of deregulation.  He just had the balls to ask what has Senator Obama done in his career?  He sure as hell didn’t torpedo the economy.  He also called Obama a “touchy” Chicago politician.  I’m half Sicilian Johnny Boy, and I don’t take to kindly to that remark.  TOUCHY?!  Seems that Johnny Boy is a bit touchy himself once the words “Keating 5” were uttered.   The desperation is evident in the way Johnny Boy and Sarah Baby have been paying attention to everything BUT the Economy.

People are losing their jobs, people are dying, and people are going broke…and all the Republicans can do is talk about anything…ANYTHING… but the Economy.

MARKET CHECK: Dow down 471; 9800 approx. index


DJIA -370; Index Closes below 10,000 for the first time since October, 2004.

And Johnny Boy and Sarah Baby want to talk about bullshit?  Amazing.

Other notes from the trail: Judas Lieberman was there in Florida with Sarah Baby as she gave her William Ayers terrorist mantra.  Gee…I wonder what ethnic group they were trying to focus on?  And while Senator Obama was briefly talking with reporters during some time off during his debate prep for tomorrow night, stating that the most important thing the campaign needs to focus on right now is the economy, his Team released a 15 minute history of exactly what The Keating Five scandal was, and Senator McCain’s involvement in it was.  You can find it here:

NEXT POST: The Second Debate: In A Town Brawl Format?

THE FINAL WORD HERE: The differing Management Styles of McCain and Obama as depicted by Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington from the movie, “Crimson Tide”.  Cya later…