I Am NOT Joe The Plumber!

I am a “Domestic Warrior”, a much more “manly” moniker I gave to the term “Stay At Home Dad”.  I absolutely hate when people call me “Mr. Mom”; and when my wife is pissed-off at me, she will occasionally refer to me as “The Househusband”, which rankles my feathers even more.  I pretty much had no choice in the matter, and for about a year, it was an extremely difficult transition.  I was in a huge round of layoffs at JP Morgan Chase after a merger in 2004.  I had worked for the company for 17 years, and although I received a generous severance package of full pay and benefits for a year after my termination, we had bills to pay and who the hell wanted a middle-aged banker with a six-figure salary when they could get some kid out of college at half my salary.  The money wasn’t going to last forever, we had a ton of debt, and were treading on thin ice for a while, thank God I married a professional.

Meet Tess The Nurse.  She’s my wife for 15 years, best mother on the planet, and currently the breadwinner of the family.  She works three 12 hour days (most days longer) a week with every other weekend off.  Going back to work was extremely difficult for her as well, because not only had she been out of the workforce since 1996, but she REALLY enjoyed being a full-time mom.  Unfortunately, in addition to my rather untimely employment situation, I was declared disabled because of my acute PTSD and recent bi-polar diagnosis.  This pretty much means that unless my condition improves (highly doubtful according to several physicians and psychiatrists), I’m the Domestic Warrior for the foreseeable future (unless some of this writing actually gets noticed by someone who wants a columnist or my work-in-progress memoir gets published).

Out of the Sunshine State comes the news that John McCain is doing a “Joe The Plumber Bus Tour”.  From what I understand, KISS will be opening.  He’s out there looking for regular folks, you know…people who are lucky to be able to have one house.  People who live from paycheck to paycheck.  Seniors who have extensive medical bills and have to scrimp on medication in order to eat.  All the people that would benefit the MOST under an Obama Administration…not those $250,000 a year Republican plants…er…plumbers like Joe.  In some sense of irony, Joe the Plumber isn’t accompanying him…I guess he might have to deal with his national celebrity status of plant, plumber, and tax-dodger in front of the adoring crowds that will most assuredly swamp McCain over the weekend.  After all, he WILL be visiting those area of Florida that Sarah The Well Dressed didn’t last time she was there visiting in the heavily GOP rich retirement enclaves.

I can assure you one one thing though: Arkangel The Disabled Domestic Warrior, and Tess The Nurse will not be voting for John The Senile Senior Senator & Crazy Old Coot.

“Not only is there no God, but try finding a plumber on Sunday.” – Woody Allen