Deal Closed…I Hope, No I Believe!

It was moving, it offered us a glimmer of hope for this country.  It made me feel proud and more than willing to help move America forward, and like Senator Obama said, participate in our democracy.

Perspective: My best friend (we met in college, in wedding parties, would have been Godfather to my kids if he was Catholic…damned Church) is a staunch Libertarian/Conservative.  (He’s a REAL Conservative, not the Neocon impostors or anyone else in the GOP he has become disgusted with)  He called me after the campaign ad and said he was voting for Obama.  I cannot believe that…he is voting for the first Democrat IN HIS LIFE.  If that had an impact on someone like my friend…then we have hope that there might be impact elsewhere.

We might just really have a chance to hope and dream and become Americans again.

“I was there at the Dawn of The Third Age of Mankind…” – Ambassador Londo Molari (Babylon 5/jms)


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