The Final Debate: Pre-Game Show

Once again, the lucky NY Giants hat and pack of Camel Crush cigarettes are at the ready.  Once again, I’m DVRing the entire debate (and watching it live as well) on MSNBC starting with Matthews at 7, Olbermann at 8, The Debate Itself plus analysis, Olbermann again at 11, and Matthews rapping things up at midnight.  Once again, I got the butterflies in my belly…but Senator Obama is keeping cool for me.  Better get that cell phone or text message in quick, because he turns his cell phone off 3 hours before the debate.

Given the fact that the Market took yet another nose-dive, the retail sales numbers (which make up 2/3 of our Economy) are down 1.2%, or almost TWICE what analysts predicted; McCain would be a fool to even think of bringing up Ayers or any other dirty tricks he may have up his sleeve.  Then again, this guy has been known to take big risks (see: Palin, Sarah) and be willing to have them not pay off (see: Palin, Sarah).

In an irony, the town where the debate is being held is Hempstead, NY…the last stop on the Long Island Rail Road line that bears its name.  Let’s just it’s the last stop for John McCain’s campaign.

See you with a post after the debate (quick or detailed analysis remains to be seen).


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