The Thrilla In Nashvilla: Initial Reaction

Amazing.  I’m actually speechless at the moment…but I’ll give you a couple of quick thoughts:

  • Obama was cool, poised, and addressed the audience, the camera and Senator McCain.  Senator McCain addressed all of the above except Senator Obama, who he referred to as “That one” at one point.  He might as well said “Boy” or used an even worse term.
  • McCain prowled the stage when Obama was talking, and came across as an angry white man.  Obama came across as cool and Presidential.  It is clear McCain does not like or respect Senator Obama.

Obama won, not just on substance…but because he was a Human Being.  McCain only went on to prove that like his running mate (who he did not mention ONCE) has no soul.

I’ll have a detailed and thoughtful post tomorrow.  Right now I need a Xanax.


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