A Kitchen And A Senator That Both Need To Be Finished

OK, I did manage to get some positive news out of this day: my oldest daughter Kate made Honor Roll yet again; her lowest grade was a “B” and her highest was an “A+”.  Youngest daughter Grace did fantastic as well receiving “Very Good” or ” Outstanding” in her grades (they have no letter grade assignments until 5th Grade).  Of course, both of them need improvement in their handwriting ability (they take after me…I’ll admit that freely), and my youngest needs to be less “Social” (as her teacher put it).  In other words, she likes to talk…and talk…and talk…  Guess who she gets that from?  You win the grand prize if you guessed me.  OK, good news over…storm clouds on the horizon.

The kitchen is looking good, it really is.  The painting is done, the cabinets are in; but the floor, the appliances (which arrived yesterday), and the tile back splashes are awaiting the counter top.  Right now, they estimate a week and a half, which puts it after Thanksgiving.  We were hoping to have a nice quiet day home (my wife took off), but we have no choice but to go out to dinner.  The place where we’re going is a restaurant in a huge old Victorian Mansion with sprawling grounds.  They usually use the place for weddings, but they have a restaurant that will be having a buffet on Thanksgiving.  Our seating is scheduled for 4:30 PM.  On a positive note, this is the very same place where my wife and I had our wedding reception 15 years ago, and the food really is outstanding.  My kids have never been there before, and it will be interesting to “return to the scene of the crime” (so to speak) with our offspring.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, our favorite turkey, Senator Judas Leiberman retained his gavel and his Chairmanships as most of the Democratic caucus chickened out.  (Yes, WAY too thick on the metaphor and puns there…but I just couldn’t resist.  Plus it made such a nice segue, too!)  They should have held him accountable for his blatant betrayal of the Caucus and the way he back stabbed President-Elect Obama.  I know I said this the other day, but it bears repeating: this is behavior that has now been deemed permissible in Washington.  This means that any member of any Caucus can most likely choose to go against their Caucus, campaign for The Other Guy (and take down your own Party’s guy in the most severe way possible), it it won’t have any repercussions.

I know the President Elect is all for putting aside differences, getting rid of partisan politics, and working together to help get this country back on track.  I’m all for that, but what Joe The Dumber did was unforgivable in my book and it opens a VERY dangerous door.

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” – Winston Churchill


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