Absent With A Pretty Good Excuse

I’ve been remiss in posting over the past week for a couple of good reasons.  One is that there is so much going on with politics these days, I just can’t pick one topic to sink my teeth into without my head exploding.  Rush?  Please…if I go off on that whole fiasco, you’d end up with a book instead of a post.  Likewise with the way the economy is all over the place.  The one topic I REALLY want to dive into though is the fact that from late 2001 until just before Inauguration Day 2009, this country was effectively a dictatorship.  This was confirmed after 9 memos were released by the Justice Department detailing the extent the Bush Administration was willing to go in order to carry out its Neocon agenda.  Now THIS is something I can write about, and probably will do so tomorrow; I’m just waiting for late breaking news on it today and the usual Friday News Dump where more info might come out.

The next reason I haven’t posted is because I feel I had nothing to say over the past few days.  One thing I will never do is post something here for the sake of posting something; there has to be a reason behind it.  If I can’t say it well, then I’d rather not say it at all.  Hey, at least no one can fault me for bad quality control!

So look for something tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’ll be ordering a pizza…


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