The Revolution Will Not Be Tax Deductible

You would have thought that someone invaded this country the other day, just shortly after the FY 2010 Federal Budget was released,  right-wing nutjobs on Capitol Hill and their media cohorts as well as the minions of followers were crying “They are raising taxes!” and “The they creating bigger government”.  Well…yeah.  Hello, top 5 percent of America who has gotten steadily richer over the past 30 years while middle class wages remained stagnant!  Wake up and smell that freshly brewed cup of Fair And Balanced (you all like that phrase) budgetary coffee!  Ladies and Gentlemen, after too far long an absense, sanity has been restored to America.  We not only have a President who can think (on his feet, sitting down, and without the smell of wood burning) and is articulate.  He realizes the nation’s problems NOW and what is going to happen in the FUTURE. No real prognostication is necessary, just complete and total logic and common sense.  Sounds like another President we had from Illinois, one from the opposition Party no less…the Party before it was corrupted by faux-Conservatives and fat, hate spewing radio show commentators who couldn’t win an election if they even decided to run.

What I cannot fathom, and never quite have been able to for years; is the fact that the same people who buy into the whole tax cuts scheme by the Republicans…mostly the white suburban middle class…are the very group that are being used for the purpose of Special Interest and Large Corporate control of America.  These are the people who continually fall for the same lines of fear and hatred and derision, as if being a “liberal” or a member of the ACLU, or a union is such a bad thing.  The great Ronald Reagan was a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild, and it’s President for two terms.  He went and defended the Union Members who were being unfairly questioned by McCarthy and The House un-American Activities Committee, along with other noted liberals who never forgot his defense of their positions, even long after he had declared himself a Republican years later.  Say what you want about Reagan (and I had some very choice words for him when I was in my 20’s), the guy had a good heart and was very genuine in everything he believed in.  Can we honestly say the same thing about today’s Republican Party, or these so-called Conservatives who are firmly entrenched in the positions of power and control of that political entity?  Barry Goldwater absolutely DESPISED what was happening to his Party and his Conservative movement toward the end of his life; most particularly after the Religious Right began their eventual takeover of the GOP during the 1980 Election.

When Eisenhower implored us to beware the Military-Industrial complex, he was incredibly prescient; because that warning has been made completely manifest by today’s Republican Party, which is beholden to that very same group that seeks nothing but riches and power for itself and its members.  Nothing else matters to them, not even human life.  So what if a few hundred thousand Iraqis are killed if it keeps the engines of destruction greased by the wheels of greed running efficiently.  And who pays for this?  We all do, but at varying degrees.  The rich pay less than their fair taxes and are rewarded by having more money to invest in themselves.  The working poor and the middle class pay a disproportionate amount of tax relative to their income to get bare-bones services that do not include Universal Health Care nor Universal Education up to and including the Bachelor’s Level.  The minute the words “tax cut” are mentioned, everyone is thrilled beyond belief…and no one really looks at the whole picture.

The rich and powerful STAY rich and powerful because they are funded by the hard work of the middle class and the working poor.  Despite what the GOP says, it is not Government that hurts this nation, it is the rich and powerful and the Special Interests.  Oh sure, the GOP would have you believe they are looking out for the little guy…but what happens when there are no little guys left?  Where do they get their fuel for their wealth?  So they keep the middle class and working poor EXACTLY IN THE SAME PLACE.  Why else is it that the wages of these two groups have remained STAGNANT over the past 30 years while their incomes have risen disproportionately ever higher?  They are using the old strategy of divide and conquer to maintain their power, wealth, and the status quo.  Now, along comes a guy who wants to change all of that; and he’s not even waiting a moment to do that.  President Obama is in office almost 40 days and he has launched the most ambitious set of economic and social initiatives since 1932.  He has said that he will not move slowly, and he is taking advantage of his political capital to push through his agenda at perhaps lightning speed.

If 95% of Americans are getting a FURTHER tax cut at the expense of the top 5% who are getting a tax increase to fund Universal Health Care, Education, Jobs…IT’S ABOUT TIME.  For the past 30 years, they have been getting a better life at the expense of everyone else.  The hope was for trickle down economics; what we got instead was a pissing stream on the populace.  The time has come for a true peaceful economic and social revolution to take place…and for those in the economic stratosphere, it may not be tax deductible.

“They’re far too partisan. They have no gravitas. If gravitas is eight letters, they’re about seven letters short.”- Anonymous


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