Election 2008 Word Association

You know those word association tests?  Well, I decided to play one out here for a while.  See how well you do at home:

  • Stevens? Guilty
  • Guilty? Conscience
  • Conscience? None
  • None? Many
  • Many? Crazies
  • Crazies? Skinheads
  • Skinheads? Foiled
  • Foiled? Thwarted
  • Thwarted? Palin
  • Palin? Rogue
  • Rogue? X-Men
  • X-Men? Hulk
  • Hulk? Smash!!
  • Smash? McCain
  • McCain? Senile
  • Senile? Republicans
  • Republicans? Romans
  • Romans? Countrymen
  • Countrymen? Vote
  • Vote? Change
  • Change? Obama
  • Obama? President

Feel free to play along at home…or as my daughter just said to me, “Confusing!”

(…And how could I possibly put some other quote here when my daughter’s coda was PERFECT?)