206.3 Live or Die

Those are the numbers my life comes down to: 206.3.

That was on the prescription blank when I went in for a full body-bone scan this past Wednesday.  Those little numbers hold the very key to my future, as they will say whether or not I have leukemia or not, or a particular type of leukemia that is associated with those exposed to benzine for prolonged periods, or radiation equivalent to that of Hiroshima or Nagasaki in one burst or over an extended period of time.  This leads to the next inescapable question: how was I exposed to these substances?

Benzine is an element that is prevalent in JET FUEL.  I was there at the crash site of the WTC on 9/11 and worked two blocks away for three years,  Those fires from the initial impact didn’t stop burning and smoldering for two months afterward, or perhaps longer.  Then we come to the far more interesting of the two main causes: RADIATION EXPOSURE.  Was there something in the initial crash, subsequent dust cloud, or air afterward that contained radioactive substances?  WELL?

So here we are…a weekend, when I sit and try and take my mind off things.  I don’t drink or party anymore, so those two are out (I’ll only be drunk and dying as opposed to just dying, LOL).  Internet…nope; everything reminds me of that day and what I’m waiting on.  Blu Rays or DVDs…no good there either; someone only says something in the script that triggers a memory and I go off.  Sleep reveals absolutely LSD type dreams that make no sense, including metaphorically.

It all boils down to one number: 206.3

(Updates as situation warrants)


3 responses to “206.3 Live or Die

  1. It was good to talk with you the other day! I’ve been offline for awhile; but now, reading this, I just remembered something — do you know there were radiation monitors set up down at the WTC Site? I do not know which agency owned them; but one reason they were there was because some civilian passenger planes use spent fuel rods as tail ballast, or something like that — have you heard about this? So now, I am wondering, what were the readings were on those monitors. . ? I wish I had looked at them more closely; but, at the time, I was too overwhelmed by everything else; you know how it was. But do you remember seeing any of these monitors down there?

  2. Hi Zee…it was great to talk with you as well. I did not know about the spent fuel rod/tail ballast thing; but I wouldn’t put anything past this government or the corporations that run it. (Think I’m a little bitter?) I have become more resolute as I have gotten older in this axiom: Trust your family, trust your friends, trust no one else until they become either. Most of all, trust yourself. Everything on this earth is transitory, and everything that these bastards who seek fame, fortune, or wealth for its own sake are deluding themselves and completely missing the point of this life.

    The Universe has a VERY long memory…

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