Enemy At The Gates (Part Three)

All too convenient for my liking:

The most populous city in the Western Hemisphere, Mexico City; with over 20 million inhabitants becomes the epicenter of what is becoming an epidemic.  Mexico is a country not exactly known for its strict border policy, and as the US/Mexico border is porous already, infected people can slip through very easily.  People vacation all over Mexico…and we just came off of Spring Break time where thousands of young people flock to Mexico.  They bring it back.  9 cases (all students who were exposed to someone who just came back from Mexico) in New York City should scare the shit out of anyone with a modicum of intelligence.  DO THE MATH.  Remember EXPONENTS?  Keep that in mind as I pose this frightening scenario: MILLIONS OF COMMUTERS INTO AND OUT OF NYC DAILY.  New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania…all breeding grounds.  One case in the Central US, almost LITERALLY the center in Kansas; several cases in California.

An illness of this nature does not simply appear out of nowhere within days.  It had to have been engineered, and most likely (in my opinion…and I must stress this, MY OPINION) planted in the Western Hemisphere’s most populous city.  Who, what, or why doesn’t really matter now does it?  It just is.

Make no mistake about this despite what the Government is telling you now: this is an epidemic soon to be pandemic.  Read the Internet.  Do your homework.  Do not be satisfied with the information that is being disseminated to you from the mainstream media.  Trust the Net; trust people ON the Net who should begin communicating via IM within days.  It is inevitable that once things start getting worse, communication between people from all parts of the globe will be more important than ever.  Communication not based in rumor, but based on fact.  We will all need to become bloggers and reporters now.  We will all need to be vigilant.

Most importantly, we will all need to be human.