A Note About Comments & Other Things

While comments are more than welcome and I appreciate all points of view, I’ve been getting a lot of comments that have gone into the spam thread (for various reasons and via certain filters I’ve set up) that should not have gone there in addition to those that do belong there.  While I appreciate debate, there comes a point where you are beating a dead horse to such a degree that a bottle of glue cannot possibly be salvaged from the remains.

Rather than cut off debate entirely on a topic (which I have done on a few posts…guilty as charged) and not allow further comments on an article, effective today February 26, 2008; all comments on this site are now subject to moderation.  This also applies to older posts. In addition, comments can now be nested to reflect replies to various posters (thank you, WordPress) in an easy to read format that will extend to 4 levels deep as a default.  I will extend that should a debate warrant it.  Also, posts like this concerning site business will have all comments disabled.  Pingbacks and trackbacks will certainly continue be welcome and have NEVER been a problem; quite frankly though, I have to look more carefully to see if my new editing parameters apply to them as well.  Hey, I have a learning curve as well; I’ll update as soon as I figure this little piece of data out.

I’ve been a bit behind on posting lately  but I’m a stay at home dad and also have a novel I’m trying to write at the same time.  This tends to get in my way when I want to post here.  Rest assured, I am doing my best to maintain my self-imposed quota of 5-7 times per week.  That has not changed.  What has changed is the times we now live in, with a President taking on the most ambitious agenda since 1932.  News happens at an almost minute by minute pace, and sometimes I need more time to fully collect and think about the day’s events.  I always try and write my own opinions on political pieces before I watch my usual cable news programs in the evening; this way I can offer my own ideas without being influenced by others.  Very rarely will I write something after seeing my nightly news tandem of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, unless they manage to bring up something that I was not aware of.

I need to make clear one thing: I am a person who does their research and homework very carefully before forming an opinion.  I read the major newspapers across this country and in my area.  I read various publications on the web (both Liberal and Conservative) and have certain columnists who I read daily (Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post and Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic are examples of two pragmatic left and right thinking columnists respectively).  I do not have a knee-jerk response, unless it concerns intolerance, cruelty, or civil liberties.  While I consider myself a Pragmatic Progressive (Progmatic?), there are Libertarian doctrines I subscribe to as well.  I am not far Left nor Right; I usually wind up being Left-Of-Center on most topics.  I do not like nor trust extremists be they American or Foreign; religious or sectarian or those that masquerade as either.  My single concern and first loyalty is to the common good of Humanity.  Period.  Nothing else takes precedence; even when it it sometimes at odds with philosophies held by my own government.  It was this way during the Bush Administration, and I will be that way during the Obama Administration.  At least I’ll be consistent.

As always…thanks for reading.