A Very Bad Case of PTED

Lots of great reviews (in tone and in content) coming from both sides of the aisle regarding last night’s incredible speech by President; while almost all reviews of the GOP response by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindall were less than stellar (to say the least). Republicans did receive their marching orders today from everyone’s favorite conservative drug-addicted hypocrite Rush Limbaugh, who “warned” his colleagues that they shouldn’t criticize Jindall at all.

Gee, Rush…what a great leader of the GOP you are, stymying legitimate debate in your own Party on whether or not this guy has The Right Stuff (clearly, the only thing “right” about Jindal is his neoconservative viewpoints). Nothing like democracy, eh Fatso? What are you going to do if they don’t listen…sit on them?

I’m giving it one more day before I weigh in with a longer post, because I’m just waiting to see what the GOP does tomorrow. Today, they were clearly having a bad case of PTED (Post Traumatic Election Disorder); let’s see who follow Uncle Rush’s Oompah Band tomorrow. I’m also interested to see where the chess pieces are being moved by the Democrats on the board to set up strategy for the coming days.

Hang on folks, this week is gonna bet bumpy by Friday!  I will provide you with some reading material for the bumpy landing tomorrow evening.