A President Who Has Found His Voice, And A Speaker Who Needs To Lose Hers

I don’t like Nancy Pelosi… I’ll get that right out of the way first.  She is two-faced, underhanded, and a fomenter of political chaos…as long as when the whirlwind stops, she’s still standing with every hair neatly in place.  When she took impeachment proceedings against the President and Vice President off the table, I completely lost respect for her.  As Minority Leader, she took a stand FOR the Iraq War (of course, before she was against it) and rolled over and played dead like the rest of House and Senate Democrats in allowing then-President Bush and Vice President/Sith Lord Vader to completely trash the Constitution in the process.  There was no oversight, except for that of what she was going to wear that morning to the office.  She was an abject failure and an abysmal excuse for a Congressional Representative.

So it is with no surprise that the Economic Stimulus Bill she allowed to come to the Floor of the House for a vote was leaden with pork and pet projects; and don’t let anyone tell you that there wasn’t any so-called earmarks in there either.  Stimulus funding for Hollywood?  Family Planning?  There is a laundry list of things that should NEVER have made their way into that Bill; it was and is a complete and total disgrace to this country and this President…who made it understood that he did not want any such unnecessary items in the Bill.  That Bill had her fingerprints all over it, make no mistake about it; and like I said in an earlier post, it gave the Republicans ammunition to fire back at the whole plan as preposterous.  While I agree with the Republicans on the need to remove the unnecessary crap from the Bill, I disagree with them on wanting even more tax cuts than the President has already allowed to be placed in the package.  The tax cuts that are there are fine as is, and are logically targeted at the Middle Class and Small Businesses.  By putting that Bill out there, she allowed the Republicans to completely control the debate, and garner favorable public opinion which is uninformed on many levels.  The GOP continue to harp on items not even in the Bill any longer, as though they were still in there…the Democrats were losing the PR Battle.

Until yesterday and today.  That is when the President not so gently sent a message to Congress that this Bill is in need of passage, and that there was an Election in November and the vote was to change the way business had been done over the past eight years.  The past eight years of running up over a trillion of dollars in deficits (more than any other Administration COMBINED) and now the Republicans suddenly found Jesus and are now very concerned about spending.  The past eight years of deregulation and tax cuts that have caused the economic crisis in which we now find ourselves.  The past eight years of spending on an unnecessary war in Iraq.  The President trusted the good folks on the Hill in his own Party.  He expected leadership from Nancy Pelosi.  What he got instead was farce and folly.  Today, the gentleman who works out of an Oval Office brought his sword and armor with him to the Department of Energy where he gave a cogent outline, bullet-pointed and easy to follow of what’s in the Bill that’s GOOD and NECESSARY.  He then left (still in armor) and went back to the White House to do battle behind closed doors; and although she wasn’t there with him, he most certainly called Madam Speaker to let her know his displeasure of the circumstances which SHE got him in.  He’s now there still working with Senators on their Bill removing the crap that was allowed in by Harry Reid because he’s Nancy’s political puppydog and followed her on the leash.

It is often said that the greatest enemy comes from within, and without a doubt the true enemy of President Barack Obama is not the entire GOP contingent in Congress, nor Rush Limbaugh, nor Billo The Clown.  It’s not even Harry Reid.  It’s The Speaker of The House, she of grand designs and a vision of herself as a political Joan of Arc.  I believe that The President has learned his first lesson in governing and Washington hardball.  He may not hit a Home Run, but he will at least get a single or perhaps a double with passage of this Bill in the Senate tonight.  And if I read my Chicago baseball loving President correctly, he has Rahm Emmanuel working on a double switch to get Nancy Pelosi out of that Speaker’s Chair as soon as possible; perhaps within a year even before the next Congressional election.  If Madame Speaker had visions of Jeanne D’Arc, she should remember her demise…and right now, the match for the pyre has been lit.

“In war the only sure defense is offense, and the efficiency of the offense depends on the warlike souls of those conducting it.” – George S. Patton