An Open Letter To My Fellow Progressives

Wake up.

Two words that many of us have failed to grasp the concept of, get behind, and make reality.  The Primaries are over, and Hillary is flying her broomstick doing the world tour on behalf of the President.  The Election is over, and we won.  Go ahead, pinch yourself; have someone slap you in the face, throw some cold water on your head…hell, go out and have one last bender.  All that philosophy and hard work has paid off, and reality began almost two weeks ago.  We’re on the 4 year clock people; and unless you want Governor Moosebrains in charge after 2012, it’s time to stand together and keep the message alive…by being political pragmatists, NOT the back-end agenda loading into a stimulus bill bunch of partisans.

Look, we’ve been in the desert for eight years; some would even say for 28 years (like I do).  Our kind was a dying breed, we nearly vanished off the face of the political map.  The Great Oppressive Party is on the ropes about to become the 21st Century version of the Whig Party (sorry Keith, I used that in a post last week.  Either you’re a reader, or we’re both astute historical observational prognosticators, or both).  They are marching goose step in perfect unison to Uncle Rush’s Oopah Band, and creating more roadblocks than the obstacle courses at Paris Island on this Recovery Plan.  We have the votes, we have the country’s best interest at heart…at least on the surface.  I know we have a lot of things we want to get through Congress now that we have a majority and a lot of catching up to do.

So will someone please tell me what condoms, grants for the arts, STD Education, and some other questionable funding that has managed to attach themselves to the Stimulus Shark like a bunch of remoras is doing in this legislation?  Look, I’m all for those packages and ideas, JUST NOT IN THIS BILL.  This is a Bill designed for economic stimulus…MAKE IT ONE.  As outraged as I was at Wall Street Execs who took their bonuses after crying poor and taking Uncle Sam’s bailout money, I am even more appalled that you had the unmitigated gall to put this type of pork in The President’s FIRST Bill; perhaps his signature piece.  You have given the Republicans ammunition and indignation, and rightfully so, by not sticking to the central issue.  You have not put enough funding toward infrastructure and transportation, plain and simple.  With infrastructure improvements, we have tangible evidence that jobs are being created by watching men and women hard at work building highways or repairing bridges and tunnels.  We invest in our future with infrastructure; while pet projects that may have a noble cause, now is not the time for those battles.  They belong under separate consideration based on priorities and affordability.

The clarion call and tone was struck by our President on Inauguration Day.  The era of past partisanship and politics is over; a new era of cooperation and pragmatism is needed to address 21st Century problems.  While we accuse the GOP of fighting partisan battles, and they do, they have many valid points that need to be addressed.  Hopefully, the Senate will be able to come up with a true bi-partisan Bill that improves infrastructure spending, cuts taxes on the middle class and small business, and truly creates the type of legislation that America needs at this point in time.  We are better than the crap that was put into that Bill . HR 1  We better start thinking like 21st Century Pragmatic Progressives, and that means dealing with the 21st Century Pragmatic Republicans.  You know they are there.  Tell their partisans and our partisans to get real and craft a Bill that does the right thing.

Wake up.

“There is not a liberal America and a conservative America – there is the United States of America. ” – Barack Obama


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