Watch Out For Shadows, They Move When You’re Not Looking

Looks like Johnny Boy has finished digesting the classy dinner that The President threw for him in the spirit of bi-partisanship, and has launched the McCain Mutiny.  It seems as if Johnny Boy has found religion again as he plans on being a fellow obstructionist along with the rest of the GOP who are suddenly concerned about the Federal Deficit after 8 years of running up the tab…and that doesn’t even include the bar bill.  John Boehner is more concerned with non-existent free condoms that would be included in any Federal spending…and that is NOT a joke by yours truly, either.  These guys are trying to derail the single most important piece of legislation for this country right now, all for the sake of ideology.   According to Newsweek, the Bush holdovers in lifetime positions in The Pentagon are responsible for the flawed numbers that will be released this week as part of a Pentagon Report on former residents of Gitmo; thus creating chaos in trying to close that travesty of so-called Justice.  Rush Limbaugh even came out this week and said he hopes that the Obama Administration FAILS.   It didn’t take long for the non-so loyal and definitely not honorable opposition to strike, did it?

These guys are dangerous.  Not only did they start stripping away freedom under their watch; not only did the Defense Contractors and the Dogs Of War get more of a taste of blood; they want to maintain power no matter what the cost.  The hell with the Economy, the hell with our relations with the world, the hell with doing what is right according to the principles this country was founded on, the hell with the American People.  EVERYONE BE DAMNED UNLESS YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN; OUR WAY OR ELSE.  We had eight years of that crap, and the last time I looked there was this little thing called an “election” that happened last November where the majority of Americans wanted their (mostly) fat, white asses kicked out of power.  Didn’t these guys get the memo?  To paraphrase The President, THEY LOST.  He would much rather have bi-partisan support for the Economic Stimulus plan with as many votes as he can get from that side of the aisle, but it may get to the point where banging a few heads together is what will be appropriate.

There is a huge majority of Democrats in the House who can push legislation through, but the Dems are 2-4 votes shy of a filibuster proof majority in the Senate.  In other words, that fine and august body can pretty much hold up anything as long as everyone stays loyal to their Party; which given these Economic times may very well be a bit of a problem.  The American public has LONG memories, and if they see the Senate doing nothing but obstruction of progress while they lose their homes and their jobs, a few of those Republican Senators might very well want to cross Party lines lest they be out of a job.  More than likely, the package can (and WILL) pass as is.  It’s a balanced package of roughly 60% Spending and 40% Tax Cuts…which to me is about 20% more tax cuts and 20% less spending than necessary.  The tax cuts I agree with because they are targeted mostly at the middle class and small businesse both segments of the economy that absolutely need some relief now.  EVERY major Economist says the only way out of this mess created by 8 years of deregulation and re-concentration of wealth into the hands of the rich few is by SPENDING our way out.  Rebuild the infrastructure, invest in our future, and all of this could start putting people back to work or get work TOMORROW, especially considering many States have “shovel ready” projects just waiting for a green light with funding.  Still, the Republican mantra is even more tax cuts…even more to the rich.  (Like THEY’RE having a hard time…well, the guys who invested with Bernie Madoff are anyway.)

What the President has to watch out for is The Shadows that lurk all over Washington; most especially those in the military-industrial complex.  Make no doubt, they are moving to create and foment chaos in order to maintain the status quo.  Bush gave them WAY too much of a taste of blood and money for them to suddenly have their revenue stream cut off by a guy who never served in the military a day in his life; a guy who is not beholden to lobbyists; a guy who is trying to do the right things for this country…the right MORAL things. All it takes is one small breakdown in the military-industrial complex to allow a terrorist plot to become a reality, much like the Bush Administration allowed 9/11 to happen because of its complacency.  Then, these guys are back in business again.  They could give a damn about human life; just take a look at the hundreds of thousands of dead in Iraq…if the beast is not fed, it will insure its survival no matter the cost.

Everyone is worried about what would happen if we closed Gitmo, most especially if someone that was released from there committed an act of terrorism against the US on US soil.  I agree, but that’s why those 200 and change prisoners need a case by case review to ensure that if they need to remain in jail pending trial…a fair trial…will do so.  The Senators (so far, SOUTHERN Republican Senators) clamoring that they do not want any of these prisoners in their States forget one thing: it’s NOT THEIR CALL; it is the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.  These are also the Shadows that work against the Government; as the spectre of States’ Rights begins to rear it’s head again and the Senators and Congressmen representing that faction attempt to sow division in the Union, just as they have in the past…and their motivation is an African American President.

Joe Biden was absolutely correct in his assessment that Barack Obama will be challenged…but I don’t think he knew that it would be coming from within the walls of Washington, where The Shadows move when you’re not looking.

“What’s all this stuff about motivation? I say, if you need motivation, you probably need more than motivation. You probably need chemical intervention or brain surgery. Actually, if you ask me, this country could do with a little less motivation. The people who are causing all the trouble seem highly motivated to me.” – George Carlin


5 responses to “Watch Out For Shadows, They Move When You’re Not Looking

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  2. Ummm… Democrat majorities ran up the tab in CONGRESS for the past few years, and history has provent hat you can’t spend your way out of a recession, less you want a depression….and who’s going to pay the tab for the “public works”?……that’s right the middle class taxpayers. Each stimulus bill has “promised” relief for the taxpayers…but I haven’t seen that manifesting itself in the pockets of the every day middle class hard-working person. I think Pelosi (the bumbling unintelligent air head that she is) is more dangerous than Rush Limbaugh — he has a radio station — who cares, just change the dial, she controls the leadership in Congress.

    Mind you, I would love there to be bipartisan agreement on a new stimulus package, but the math doesn’ make sense……you can’t spend more and have tax breaks in the same breadth without further destroying the economy…..and if you don’t grant some economic relief in the form of tax breaks……well then by default you can’t spend more…duh!

    How many more “stimulus packages” need to pass before the taxpaying public realizes they’re not the beneficiaries….it’s the special interests (as evidence by the numerous “riders” to the package) and the failing corporate giants that manipulated the market for the past eight years…let them fail…it doesn’t affect us.

    Congress should be leaning on the banking industry to renegotiate the long-term notes on mortgages in exchange for a bailout. The result will be an immediate rate reduction for everyone who owns a home without the need for refinancing….potentially pumping $billions into the economy. This could save the taxpaying public several hundred dollars a month over 30 years, the banks are still making their profit, and the “stimulus” is immediate without any b.s.. why won’t they do this…Congress can’t politically control and reenforce the special interests who support their slush funds for future campaigns, $ wheeling etc.

    The President is not the problem, he’s being very open to making changes and being flexible to accommodate the “necessaries”….Congress is the problem….and it’s not the Conservative Republicans.

  3. Replies vast and varied:

    -Thank you to the good folks who provided trackbacks and pings to this post; the additional traffic was much appreciated! I must admit that for a post I just considered “OK” compositionally, that I elicited such a response. I even asked my wife what she thought and she said, “Uh, if you lit a cigarette anywhere near this post the computer would go up in flames”. OK then…!

    -FULL DISCLOSURE: Mr Lincoln 1861 is my right-leaning brother; our parents have absolutely no trouble telling us apart, trust me…occasionally we agree on things, and parts of his statement above I agree with.

    Pelosi and Reid are not my favorite Democrats right now, as I will make very clear in this evening’s post. Condoms and infrastructure do not mix….it was a VERY stupid piece of pork (Oh God, I can’t avoid any words without eliciting puns down the road on this one, can I? 😀 ) to attach to a Bill that was supposed to help the economy. DUMB! And your assessment that the issue is not the President but Congress is spot on. I will say that the extreme Right and the extreme Left are mucking up the works and not allowing the grown-ups to take charge (Dems or GOP).

    Once again, tonight’s post will address a lot of Mr. Lincoln’s issues as well as my own concerns. If the past eight years have taught us one thing it’s that ideologues got us into this mess and only pragmatists can save us from it…NO MATTER WHAT SIDE OF THE AISLE THEY ARE ON.

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