There is no God.

There I said it.  I’m not an atheist though; actually it is quite the opposite.  I do believe that there is a superior sentience that runs through everything.  A sentience that seeks to understand itself, and chooses to do so through many things. Perhaps it uses human beings, perhaps it looks at a nebula in the farthest reaches of a galaxy and seeks understanding from it…but there is indeed something at work.

It is not a Supreme Being in the way that we as Human Beings conceive He or She or It to be.  It does not require a Church, or a Temple, or a Mosque, or an Ashram.  It does not require us to worship it.  It won’t answer your prayers, because quite frankly, it has better things to do than to worry about your sorry life.  It has one goal, one defining purpose of its existence: understanding.  Understanding of itself so that it may move onward to a better and higher form of being.  It is non-corporeal.  It is not called God, nor Allah or any other name that we choose to give it in order for us to understand that which is (or must?) be greater than ourselves. It is quite simply…The Universe.

The Universe is seeking to understand itself, and make itself whole.  We are part of that Universe and have the same energy and the same power that it does.  In a manner that one man or woman can understand his or herself, it has a question (perhaps) answered.  All of us on this world are parts of the greater whole, and as we seek to understand ourselves, The Universe works through us as agents of understanding and enlightenment in a total and complete symbiotic relationship.

Every one of us has asked the question, “Who am I?” at some point in our lives.  It is impossible NOT to ask that question, for it is in our very nature to seek an understanding of that which we do not understand.  Many times, we are not yet ready for the answer to that question, and many times we do not like the answer we receive.  Some may never get an answer, in any form; others may get an ever changing array of answers throughout their lives.  Fundamentally, and for all practicality, we are the very reason for the existence and the purpose of The Universe.  Without us, there is nothing.  Without us, there is no God…there just IS.

We struggle daily to live, and all of us lead very different lives.  We are as unique as every single star in the heavens, because we ARE The Universe made manifest, trying desperately to understand itself…and we need to allow that to happen.  We need to reach deep within and change the way we think about ourselves and our relationship to each other.  We as Human Beings need to change the way we do business on the planet and WITH the planet.  Our world is ALIVE, for it too is part of The Universe; it too seeks an understanding through the oceans and the air that provide us life.  It asks that we become better stewards of the planet.

The time has come for a Great Awakening…a movement of self, yet collectivity that will allow The Universe to understand itself…and for us to understand ourselves.  The sooner we realize that we can work together, take care of this planet, and take care of ourselves…the better the chance we have for greatness…to achieve what Mankind is destined to achieve: oneness and completeness with The Universe, and the evolution of the species to the next level of being.  In this manner The Universe too will achieve a new level of being…and this is only through the species known as Human Beings.  Fragile creatures that inhabit a small planet orbiting a yellow sun on the edge of a spiral arm of its galaxy.  Fragile and beautiful beings who are but one part of All.

Who knows if there are other species out there.  Our world is literally an accident of creation; a tiny island amidst the chaos and ever growing understanding of The Universe and everything in it.  There runs through all things…on every world…through every single species…a commonality that is a power that I cannot explain.  I just know it’s there, waiting to be tapped…waiting for us to realize that we are NOT alone.

We have each other.

Our time is now.  Our time is finally here.  It is the cosmic brass ring waiting to be taken.  All we have to do is reach out and grab it, and finally come together in peace and understanding.  To unify ourselves as one people with no boundaries drawn on a map nor those drawn metaphysically.  To move toward the next level of being…

In order to do that, we must be able to leave behind the trappings and the restrictions that we have placed upon ourselves.  We must come to terms that being human is more than what we perceive.  Human Beings are a wonderful dichotomy of that which has yet to be achieved and that which has been; an compact version of The Universe in every single one of us.  We must seek knowledge from the ultimate source; understanding from the most unlikely of places; perfection from an imperfect collective…



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