A Chamber Full Of Idiots

The President Elect is calling for drastic amounts of spending in order to get us out of a horrible recession (which could turn into a Depression, if the unemployment trend holds) that could last for years.  Every renowned Economist is calling for the same thing.  Mr. Obama has already signaled his intentions to work with both sides of the aisle, even going so far as to state yesterday that if Republicans come up with a good plan, he will certainly endorse it.  He’s already offered an olive branch in the form of tax cuts in addition to the ones he proposed for the Middle Class in his campaign; only these are targeted at Small Businesses, which are the backbone of our Economy.  All of this makes perfect sense, and if you have a rudimentary knowledge of Economics, it makes perfect sense.

So will someone please tell me why the hard Right Wingers, and the hard Left Wingers  in the Chamber Of Idiots known as our Congress have decided that THEY know what is best for the economy?  That every major Economist doesn’t?  That others in their respective parties are more than willing to put aside political differences, including the incoming President and the rest of his Administration in order to save this country?  Is being hung up on a political ideology so important to them that they are willing to essentially tell the American People to “Fuck off” in no uncertain terms?  More people will become unemployed, lose their homes, and become uninsurable (medically) because of pre-existing conditions or because they cannot afford COBRA from their old jobs or outside private insurance…and this will not deter the ideologues in both parties.

Yesterday, Harry Reid pretty much laid down the gauntlet when he said he would not be afraid to oppose Obama if he disagreed with his policies…a distinct shot across the bow.  He also had the nerve to say that he would certainly be Majority Leader until 2015, when his Senate term expires.  Nancy Pelosi came out today in favor of reversing the Bush Tax Cuts on wealthy Americans as soon as possible (stating that she could “go along” with $250,000 being defined as wealthy), as opposed to letting them expire at the end of 2010 (which Obama favors because of the Economy).  Where were these two when Bush pushed through his Legislative disasters?  Where were these two when rights and freedoms were being snipped away from us and out of The Constitution?  Since when did they finally grow a set of balls?

Well Harry and Nancy…I have news for you.  Should things really screw up on your watch, The Republicans will be in charge of the Congress and you’ll have to worry about maintaining any kind of leadership position in your own Party.  Secondly, whether you know it or not…you serve at the pleasure of The President.  Of course, President Obama will have no say in how the Leadership positions will be decided…but he can certainly signal his displeasure with both of you and cut a few back room deals.  So if you’re smart…you’ll get up off your stupid ideological asses, push your colleagues to do the same, and do the right thing by America and get this Stimulus Package passed.

Or you may experience Washington Politics like you never have before…Chicago Style.

“It is wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago…” – Dan Quayle