The Parallels Of Madness

For a people that were persecuted for centuries and almost exterminated in the 20th Century, it is clear that the Israelis have learned from their former Fascist Masters.  What is going on right now in Gaza is nothing short of an attempt to extinguish at best the hope of the Palestinian people, or at worst their complete annihilation.  Non-Jews and Non-Zionists are WORTHLESS to these inhuman bastards that are shelling the civilian population of Gaza relentlessly.  It is what their brand of racists preach; their fanatical brand of politics known as Zionism.  Make no mistake about it, Zionism as espoused by the Israeli state attempts to purify and justify the existence of those who live within its borders.  Indeed, they have learned from their Fascist Masters…for what they are doing now, and will continue to do unless the United States stops them, is to create chaos and destruction all across the Middle East.  The true enemy of freedom is Israel.  The true enemy of peace is Israel.  The true enemy of mankind is Israel.

I say this as a disgusted human being, and a man who bears no ill will or feelings toward the Jewish people…ONLY the State of Israel, constituted in the form of its current government and leading coalition in the Knesset.  I also say this as a man whose life was saved by a concentration camp survivor; for how can I possibly bear ill will against any man let alone a man who was tortured?  How can I bear ill will against a people because of the mistakes of a few; a few who consider themselves so chosen as to exclude any other racial or religious group from full citizenship in the Jewish State?  How can I bear ill will against an entire people for those among them who choose to perpetrate the biggest military expansion and systematic extermination of a people since the Nazis?  Indeed, the Zionists have learned all too well from their Masters.  I bear no ill will, feelings, or prejudice against the Jewish people.  I certainly bear ill will against the Zionists within the Jewish State, and their supporters here in the United States.

Can someone please explain to me that as I experienced the worst day of my life on September 11, 2001 why three Israeli members of the Mosaad were celebrating victoriously across the Hudson River in Jersey City?  Will someone please explain the connection between the state of Israel and 9/11, because based on everything I’m reading on the Net they sure as hell had a hand in it?  Will someone please explain to me that the politics of an election taking place in February in Israel, and gaining traction in the polls is more important than people’s lives?  More importantly, why is the Bush Administration allowing this to continue while more innocents are slaughtered by the hour?

Of course, there is blame to be placed squarely on Hamas and some Palestinians.  Of course, they too should be condemned for firing rockets off into civilian areas and inflicting death and destruction as well.  Isn’t the current response by the Israel disproportionate to what Hamas could possibly inflict on them?  Doesn’t anyone see the need for both sides to cease and desist NOW, with the US taking an active role in the process to ensure neither side beaks the peace?  Needless to say, that would make way too much sense for this Administration in its waning days.  They recently blocked a UN Resolution calling for a cease fire.  They have called on Hamas to stop…imagine that, stop lobbing rockets back at someone who is now using tanks to crush your civilians.  While I certainly agree with President Elects Barack Obama’s assertion that if someone were raining rockets down on my two daughters, I would fight back.  This is also to be expected of Hamas’ response, and ever increasing show of force as the Israeli War Machine moves across the Gaza Strip.

While Hamas is certainly not the most preferable partner to negotiate a peace agreement with, they constitute the duly elected government of the people of Gaza.  You know, democracy?  That little concept that the Bush Administration has been trying to force down the throats of people who clearly do not want or understand that concept?  That little concept that governs Israel?  Because the results of the Gaza election were not to the liking of Israel or the United States, are we now to destabilize that region by gradually, over the course of several months as the Israelis have done, built up enough military strength to support an invasion at the slightest provocation?  It certainly appears that way, and if anything, the Israelis have now become the second country after the United States to use The Bush Doctrine’s assertion of preemptive war.  The United States of America, under the Bush Administration has COMPLETELY changed not only the rules of the game, but the game board and the game itself.  We have set this planet potentially down the course of annihilation if we are not careful, and begin to pull back from the positions of this abysmal Administration so that we may regain our credibility and moral standing with the rest of the world.

Our way of dealing with Israel must change.  No more carte blanche approach and kid gloves when it comes to those madmen of the Middle East.  Pull back any or all aid and assistance from Israel until they comply with a policy that brings them to the peace table with the Palestinians, the Jordanians, and the Syrians.  While we’re at it, bring in the sovereign government of Iraq.  The United States must also begin to establish diplomatic ties with Iran.  These are the only ways that peace can be established in the region.  Maintaining the peace, is another thing.  NATO or the United Nations could create a special task force for the Middle East, working with the armed forces of all nations involved.  It is important that the United States be the one major player who pushes for all of this, and if necessary, partner with the Russians to do so.  Yes, the Russians.  It’s time we reestablished our good graces with them as well, and they have a stake in a peaceful Middle East as well; especially since many of their natural gas pipelines or proposed pipelines run through one or more of the nations involved.  Besides, the Russians need a bit of ego stroking these days; they need to be involved in major affairs of this nature.  It’s time we trusted the Russians again; they were formidable allies during World War Two and can be so again.  We will need them as a buffer against the Chinese when the time comes (more on that in another post).

As for now, this madness in Gaza must stop; hopefully the incoming Obama Administration will be able to have a more active and productive role in getting a peace process going than the clowns who have been running the show for the past eight years have been; but we have another 18 days left until they take office.

Let’s just hope the current Administration doesn’t do something incredibly stupid like…oh…blow us all to Kingdom Come in the meantime.

“Ah…arrogance and stupidity, all in one package.  How convenient!” – Ambassador Londo Molari (Babylon 5/jms)


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