Houston, We Have A Problem…And So Do You

Almost 600,000 were added to Uncle Sammy’s breadlines last month…SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND.  We have TWO wars going on in the Middle East.  We have a Lame Duck Administration that is laying very low publicly in order to push through various laws, decrees, and regulations of surreptitious repute to assist their High and Mighty Patrons (please see Rachel Maddow’s “Lame Duck Watch” for her nightly laundry list of nasty Bush Administration goings on).  President Shitforbrains got on TV today and said something about the economy which was pretty much akin to saying absolutely nothing…something he did on a regular basis for the past eight years anyway.  The American Auto Industry is at its knees and Congress won’t lend them a dime, while Corporate Giants are squandering money the taxpayers gave them in a so-called “Bailout” in order to pay their stock dividends and corporate bonuses.  What happened to freeing up credit so that Americans could borrow to purchase goods and services and get the economy moving again?  I dare you to walk into Hank Paulsen’s Office and ask for a spreadsheet showing even a high-level accounting of where just over a third of that $700 Billion went, and you’ll probably get something hastily strewn on construction paper in Crayola.  Herbert Hoover was the President who brought you The Great Depression; and James Buchanan was the President who brought you the Civil War…and I firmly believe that they are no where near the level of disastrous leadership than one George Walker Bush has been.

He came into office stating he was a uniter and not a divider.  Well, he achieved one thing: the American public is united in their complete lack of trust and contempt for this man and the rest of his abominable Administration.  His approval ratings have been the worst of any modern President and that includes Richard Nixon…the guy who RESIGNED from the White House in disgrace.  Even Bill Clinton who was IMPEACHED but not removed from office didn’t have ratings this low, and neither did Lyndon Johnson who was pretty much forced not to seek a second full term because of his handling and escalation of the Vietnam War.  We may have been drawn into a war by being attacked on 9/11, but this guy prosecuted a strategy that involved going after the wrong guy.  So while the real culprit merrily strolls his way across the rugged (yet scenic) landscape of Afghanistan or Pakistan dialysis machine in tow, we were busy killing innocent civilians and bringing complete instability to a country that had no connection with the attacks at all.  This Administration has spent BILLIONS on the Iraq War, deregulated the Financial Industry so that it now borders on complete and utter collapse, ruined our country’s reputation and standing with the rest of the world, and stood by lining the pockets of the rich while sending more Americans into bankruptcy in the process.  THIS is the legacy of George Walker Bush, and in 40 odd days…he’s all yours Houston!

Yes, the very same man that brought this country to the edge of the abyss is moving into your very neighborhood!  Apparently, he and Laura (she REALLY needs to be canonized) will be settling down in a nice tony little piece of property at the end of a cul-de-sac in an exclusive gated community.  No brush to clear here, just a nice manicured lawn which I’m sure George will mow himself on his John Dere.  He’ll have plenty of time to drink…er…think about his time in office and write his memoirs.  The memoirs that no publisher will touch for at least ten years, and no sane reader would even pick up for at least twenty.  “My Pet Goat” will be on the best-seller list long before Dubya’s follies will.  This is the nice comfortable lifestyle that he will be retiring to.  While much of America is jobless and penniless, the man who lied us into war and almost single-handedly destroyed our economy will be living on a 2 acre estate (complete with servant’s quarters, by the way).  This is the way a war criminal will live, just like so many others have (Klaus Barbie in South America had a very nice estate) when they are not brought to justice.  One day, there will be a reckoning…be it by our Justice system or that of The Universe; but right now there is too much going on for the Obama Administration to get through first before even addressing the questions surrounding just what the hell was going on over the past eight years both here and abroad.  Like so many infamous characters in history and those people from our own lives who do wrong, he has lucked out.

So until we can clean up the mess of mortgage foreclosures, bank failures, bankruptcies, two wars, millions of people out of work, and an entire economy ready to collapse…he gets away with all of it.  He gets a nice pension for driving this nation into the ground, trashing the Constitution and our civil liberties in the process, and he’ll get away with that too because we’ll be much too busy trying to save our own asses and keep our heads above water while he lives very nicely in a gated community.

Houston, YOU have a problem.

“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” – Frederick Douglass


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