Holiday Hiatus Happiness

For starters, I hope everyone had a lovely few days off of food and drink, fun, family, and friends.  I had a quiet few days, and a few days where I got away from everything by deliberately cutting myself off from the news and almost all television.  I only watched ESPN, football games, Star Trek and Doctor Who DVDs…LOTS of Doctor Who DVDs.  Not only have I turned my 11 year old daughter into a rabid and fire breathing fan of the New York Football Giants, she is as fanatical when it comes to everyone’s favorite Time Lord; and seeing as the complete Fourth Series DVDs (of the re-booted franchise that began in 2003; the show just celebrated a total of 45 years on the air in one form or another) came the last Wednesday…we’ve been doing quite a bit of time traveling.  I planned to put the blog on hiatus anyway, and I’m glad I did.  Given everything going on in India I would have been driven even madder than I was when I first heard the reports.

The break seems to have done me wonders.  Our kitchen is still under construction, but is inching closer to completion; and I’m not as impatient as I was a week ago (now if we start heading into screwing up my Christmas, then “pissed” will be an understatement).  I sat back and pulled myself away from the Mac (where I do a lot of listening to music; besides having a killer sound system, I’m on-line or writing something usually most of the day) and listened to some music on my Main Stereo where I was able to enjoy the recent Genesis 1970-1975 Box Set that has all the Peter Gabriel era material in stunning 5.1 mixes.  I spent more time with my kids, and actually spent time playing with our cats as well!  I enjoyed a birthday party for my youngest daughter’s friend.  All because I did one simple thing…

I chose to let life go on outside the own part of my life that I could control without worrying about the crisis in India, the next political appointment, and the state of the world.  All I cared about was my own little part of the world, and I think I need to do this more often.  I haven’t had any panic attacks since Wednesday.  I have yet to pop a Xanax in 5 days.  The indisputable truth of the matter that I’ve learned in the past few days is one very simple fact:

Life will kill you if you let it.

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination” – John Lennon


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