Joe The Dumber

OK…what would you do?

A guy who you considered a mentor and friend when you came into The Senate deserts you, after you helped campaign for him in  not only a tough primary, but in an election when he ran as an Independent against a dyed in the wool officially sanctioned Democrat.  He supported your opponent in the Presidential Race, spoken against you at not only the Republican National Convention, but in front of every TV camera he could find afterward.  He called you naive,  unready for the Presidency, and possibly a Socialist.  He campaigned with that God-awful thing that was the GOP VP Candidate and sat silent as her usual Bund stump speech elicited the usual racist cries.  He even stumped for down ticket Republicans.  Now you won and you are the President-Elect.

I know what I would do: politically castrate the son of a bitch.  Strip of him of his committees and power, and let him defect to the other side while he wanders the halls of the Senate wondering what the hell he is going to do for the next four years.  A bit harsh?  I think I’m far too lenient…hell, I thought Reconstruction after the Civil War was FAR too lenient!  This is something close to the heart of many Democrats, Liberals, and anyone with a propensity toward protecting their Party’s integrity would do as well.  He would be chum in the water for the donkeys bearing the teeth of Great Whites circling the condemned.  Dead Senator walking!  But this is just me.

Our President Elect has other ideas and is a much more forgiving man than I.  He has signaled to Harry Reid he wants Joseph “Judas” Lieberman to remain in the Democratic caucus.  While I disagree with Obama, I think he’s got a plan for Joe The Dumber.  Our esteemed President-Elect has already said he’s been reading a lot of Lincoln.  And Machiavelli.  He is incredibly smart politically.  I cannot see anything beyond the madness, but there must be a method (keep your friends close and your enemies closer) there.  He can only suggest this to Harry Reid though.

There are still 98 other Senators who need to weigh in, and like I said before; a significant number of them are just circling Joe The Dumber and waiting to extract revenge. I honestly hope they teach this guy a political lesson that will be remembered the next time someone decides to cross party lines in the manner in which Judas Lieberman did.   I can’t say whether or not this will happen, but I’m one of those guys who has a personal hero in General William Tecumseh Sherman; because I have always felt strongly about one thing…

Sherman was right.

“War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen, and I say let us give them all they want.” – General William Tecumseh Sherman


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