Election 2008 Word Association

You know those word association tests?  Well, I decided to play one out here for a while.  See how well you do at home:

  • Stevens? Guilty
  • Guilty? Conscience
  • Conscience? None
  • None? Many
  • Many? Crazies
  • Crazies? Skinheads
  • Skinheads? Foiled
  • Foiled? Thwarted
  • Thwarted? Palin
  • Palin? Rogue
  • Rogue? X-Men
  • X-Men? Hulk
  • Hulk? Smash!!
  • Smash? McCain
  • McCain? Senile
  • Senile? Republicans
  • Republicans? Romans
  • Romans? Countrymen
  • Countrymen? Vote
  • Vote? Change
  • Change? Obama
  • Obama? President

Feel free to play along at home…or as my daughter just said to me, “Confusing!”

(…And how could I possibly put some other quote here when my daughter’s coda was PERFECT?)


2 responses to “Election 2008 Word Association

  1. Unless the Republicans start getting some younger and smarter blood (and that would automatically disqualify Palin based on the latter criterion), senile is what the GOP is and will be.

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