The Universe Has A Question…

Let us assume for a moment that the Universe itself is sentient.  Let us assume for a moment that just as we would ask a question in order to receive an answer, that the Universe does the same thing.  What if the Universe used WE as individuals as proxies to ask that question, and receive an answer on behalf of it?  This could be asked through one person, a select few, or millions of us all working at the same time to come up with the answer to the question that the Universe seeks at that moment, not knowing that we ourselves are asking the question? In so doing, do we unknowingly understand a part of ourselves in the process?

When we receive an answer to one of our own questions, perhaps the Universe is even more inquisitive…so it uses us to ask another question, and another, and another…

In this way, we ourselves are becoming whole as is the Universe itself.  We must strive to understand the moments when we are vessels of the Universe; for therein lies the true promise of Humanity, and its salvation.


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