Debate 1 Quick Analysis

Domestic Issues: McCain did better than I expected, but Obama could have taken out more weapons from the arsenal (and God only knows, there’s no shortage of them)

International Affairs: Obama did MUCH better than I could have imagined, while I think McCain did as well as I thought he would do.  Obama more clearly is the thinker, McCain the gut punching schoolyard brawler.

Demeanor: McCain did not look at Obama ONCE during the debate.  He was condescending and lived up to his nickname of McNasty.  This is where I think he will be hurt with viewers.  He was clearly belligerant while Obama was the gentlemen and the statesman (although too much at times).

WINNER: Slight edge to Obama, because he came off as cool and collected.  McCain came across like the schoolyard bully.  Personally, I want a calm guy in the Oval Office with a set of brains; not a hothead who is intimidating and insular.

LATER ON TODAY OR TOMORROW: A more detailed analysis.


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