The Day After: Obama 1, McCain 0

That’s what the polls and the pundits are all saying; hey, I’m just the messenger (and before you shoot, I have a wife and two kids, OK?).  Last night after the debate, my initial reaction was a draw with an edge to Obama because of McCain’s open condescension and dismissive attitude.  That was also the initial reaction of a lot of the pundits as well, but the more they seemed to talk about it (and the more I thought about it through today), it seemed as if any gains that McCain might have made were COMPLETELY negated by his attrocious attitude.  Looking like a time bomb is one thing; looking like a time bomb with a superiority complex scares the shit out of me.

Apparently, the Independents are VERY concerned about this as well.  Many polls have shown that they broke very clearly for Obama, with the main reasons cited being Obama’s Presidential Demeanor, and Chris Matthews’ brilliant description of McCain acting and looking like a troll, describing McCain’s behavior perfectly.  Obama devotees were even more solidified in their unity as were McCain’s.  In addition, many Undecided Voters also viewed Obama through a new prism; one that allowed his policies to be put forth in a new light and actually reach them in a pure fashion as opposed to the media and campaign directed spin.  Women broke even more heavily for Obama (53% in one poll), although it will be interesting to see what that audience thinks after the VP Debate this coming Thursday.  What astounded me was the clear separation between Obama and McCain in terms of a victory: the MSNBC Poll has Obama 53%, McCain 34%, Tie at 6%, Not Sure 7% for OVER 863,000!  That’s just stunning!  (You were only allowed one vote too, btw; unless you were willing to sit there and clear out the cookie cache every time).

Some more of my thoughts:

  • If every time you added the word, “Boy” after McCain said, “What you don’t seem to understand (Boy)…” or “What (the Boy) Senator Obama doesn’t seem to understand…” you would have a very interesting picture.
  • McCain’s superiority complex was on full display here, and I just wanted to punch his lights out…especially if he pulled that on me.
  • McCain’s answers were all from his stock speeches, over and over and over again.  Obama had those moments too (not nearly as many), and his responses were generally more free flowing and thoughtful.
  • While Obama may be criticized by many today for his “I agree with John…” statements, he also took no shit from McCain either.  The exchange between them on what was a tactic or a strategy pissed Obama off, and I think that came through in an effective manner without being off-putting.  Classy retort by Obama.
  • McCain was clearly trying to win Florida when the question of Iraq came up; if he pandered any more, I would have probably lost my cookies.  Obama pandered to NO ONE, and appealed to all of America.

Note: The McCain campaign released a statement today stating the reason that McCain didn’t have to  look at Senator Obama was because “he could see right through him”.  The hubris that everyone in this campaign is catching from the standard-bearer is disgusting.

It should be interesting on Thursday Night for the VP Debate.  Biden on the “post game” has already said that Palin is an equal and will be treated as such, and if that means going after her record and policies in a decisive manner, so be it.

As long as Biden isn’t seen to be sexist and shoots off his occasionally loose cannon mouth, he will stuff and hang Palin on the wall in his trophy room, right next to the moose head.

“A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.”– Thomas Jefferson


Debate 1 Quick Analysis

Domestic Issues: McCain did better than I expected, but Obama could have taken out more weapons from the arsenal (and God only knows, there’s no shortage of them)

International Affairs: Obama did MUCH better than I could have imagined, while I think McCain did as well as I thought he would do.  Obama more clearly is the thinker, McCain the gut punching schoolyard brawler.

Demeanor: McCain did not look at Obama ONCE during the debate.  He was condescending and lived up to his nickname of McNasty.  This is where I think he will be hurt with viewers.  He was clearly belligerant while Obama was the gentlemen and the statesman (although too much at times).

WINNER: Slight edge to Obama, because he came off as cool and collected.  McCain came across like the schoolyard bully.  Personally, I want a calm guy in the Oval Office with a set of brains; not a hothead who is intimidating and insular.

LATER ON TODAY OR TOMORROW: A more detailed analysis.