Pre-Game Countdown

Just watching “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” before tonight’s first Presidential Debate.  I’m wearing my lucky NY Giants hat (the one I was wearing when they won the Super Bowl last year), and I’m psyched.

I’ll have thoughts about the event later on today.  Have a great debate everyone!


An Injection Of Hubris And Folly Into The Maelstrom

A few weeks ago, John McCain’s campaign stated that this Presidential Election would not be about issues.  It would not be about the largest Savings & Loan Failure in American History that happened a few hours ago when Washington Mutual went under, and had its assets bought by JPMorgan Chase.  It would not be about the incredible failure of a disastrous decision to invade Iraq in 2003, starting a war where 4,000 American soldiers and possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were killed and/or injured.  It would not be about the questionable decisions that John McCain has made lately, including his choice of a Vice Presidential candidate who is just slightly to the right of The John Birch Society and who is a complete religious fanatic who believes we are doing God’s work in Iraq.  It would not be about her Church which sanctioned a blessing by an African minister upon her (and in her presence) that involved protecting her from witches; nor would it be about her complete lack of availability to the American Press save for a few short (and in at least two disastrous) interviews.  It would not be about the outright lies that the McCain campaign is propagating about Barack Obama’s positions.  It would not be about the rapidly falling economy, where America (and potentially the rest of civilization) is teetering on the brink of total collapse due to 8 years of deregulation that he helped to push through the Congress.  It would not be about his lack of support to Veterans through his voting record on Bills that would have improved the quality of their benefits  voting against them them 85 % of the time in the past 26 years.  It would not be about his absolutely insane decision two days ago to supposedly “suspend” his campaign so he could go to Washington on his white horse to save the day so he could win the White House.  It would not be about his surrogates still actively campaigning on his behalf, nor his television ads that were still running  in Battleground States, nor the fact that his campaign is still collecting cash.  It was clear, however that this entire campaign is not about “Country First”.

It was all about John McCain.  The so-called “Maverick” who professes to love his country so much that he went to Washington to try and take credit for a deal that was being hammered out by Republicans and Democrats and was succeeding before his wife’s plane touched down at Dulles Airport.  The so-called man who “reaches across the aisle”  to the Democrats only came into town and only wound up dividing his own Party even more so that any hope of a deal could not be completed tonight (or this morning), perhaps in the hope of avoiding a debate with Obama scheduled today.  Yes, this was vintage McCain in all his glory, continuing to display his reckless behavior of the past two weeks and inject himself into a political argument that would have been best served without his “white knight” presence.  This was vintage McCain, because it was all about John McCain, the hell with the Polls, the Party, the Debate, and the best interests of the American People.

This is the man who would be President; the man who would be making erratic decisions that would affect the entire planet.  This man is (literally) a gambler, who has shown throughout his career that he is more than willing to gamble American lives and well being.  This is a man who this evening, sits contentedly in a plush Washington hotel room while the worlds falls all around him in the chaos that he had a hand in creating.  It’s all about John McCain…and it’s all about his fitness to be President.

The man is insane, and his running mate even more so.  The Neocons are crazy as well, because their belief is that if America is not in charge of the rest of the world…then they would rather “poison the well”; a tactic the Romans used against their enemies successfully.  If the Romans couldn’t conquer an enemy, they would literally poison the wells and the land so that no one else could have it if they couldn’t.  Just ask any Carthaginian.  John McCain is currently poisoning Washington DC’s well, and that only bodes certain doom for this Nation.  He will continue to poison the well for at least four years if he is elected, and if you think it’s bad now…you haven’t seen a damned thing.

Then again, you might just be blinded by the light before the mushroom cloud sweeps over you so you can’t see anything.

“Remember the words of Chairman Mao: ‘It’s always darkest before it’s totally black.’ ” – John McCain

TOMORROW: Who the hell knows?  Could you plan a piece the way this Presidential Election is going?  Work with me here…I’m just as flabbergasted as you are.