Johnny On The Spot

“America First”,  Johnny Boy?  It sure as hell doesn’t look that way, at least to this humble writer.

Just in case anyone’s trying to play catch up: At 8:30 am, Obama personally called Senator McCain to propose that since they appear to agree on the same stipulations for passage of the Bail Out (now being called a “Rescue Package” by our brave Politicians), they issue a joint statement.  Johnny Boy was probably still sleeping, because his campaign took the message and told Senator Obama that Johnny Boy himself would return the phone call.  So at 2:30 pm, Johnny Boy spoke to Senator Obama and agreed in principle to a joint statement.  Oh, and by the way, in the spirit of focusing everyone of the “Rescue Package”, he’d like to postpone Friday’s debate on International policy (which will eventually lead to the Economy anyway).  Obama said they should issue the joint statement first and then move forward from there.

At 3:00pm, Johnny Boy goes on the news, dons his Supersenator costume, and says he’s flying back to DC and plans on suspending his campaign ads and also asks that the debate be postponed.  No questions guys, thanks for showing up for yet another one of my horribly written and delivered statements.  Now, you have to think that behind the scenes, the normally unflappable Senator Obama was ballistic; I can’t say I wouldn’t have been because I have a nasty temper…but for Obama to get stabbed in the back like this (or anyone), you have to think it took him the two hours needed to cool down and craft a statement.  Not only that, deliver it to perfection and get every single point of your campaign out at the same time.

The Senator from Illinois basically sated what happened.  He didn’t come right out and say he got back-stabbed, but he craftily implied as much.  He also stated that a President needed to multi-task, and that he had been in constant contact with Secretary Paulson and Congressional leaders and that he would do anything asked of him…oh, and he would go to the debates.  The Commission running the debates apparently agrees, because they plan on holding them anyway.  Not only that Congressman Barney Frank already said he’s optimistic about this getting done is a few days; that most of the major concessions needed for passage have been made by the Treasury Department; and McCain is flying back to DC for what is essentially a done deal just so he can take credit for it.

Looks as if Johnny Boy will be racking up his frequent flyer miles for nothing….wait a minute!  He uses his wife’s plane…the one that SHE owns.  As Senator Obama pointed out, if he’s needed he’ll gladly go to DC and he and Johnny Boy have nice planes with their names written on the sides to fly them to Ole Miss quickly for a debate.  Obviously, they’ll both be at the Senate to vote on the “Rescue Package”.  Johnny Boy dropped back to pass and throw a Hail Mary.  The question is will he need to pray one (and the rest of the Rosary for that matter…hell, why not throw in a Novena while we’re at it)?

UPDATE TO FOLLOW AFTER THE PRESIDENT’S SPEECH- More news later…there are just WAY too many developments to even comment on right now.  This is the most incredible political bullshit I have ever seen played on the American People and The World.  My Country is going to hell…I’m just speechless…

UPDATE as of 10 PM EST (-5GMT):

Now I’ve seen everything…I think.  Just when you got the whole mess figured out, it gets messier.  I can’t even be funny, sarcastic, funny, glib, or deadly serious right now,  Hell, I couldn’t combine them all if I tried.  I’ll need some time to digest all this (like a good nightmare’s sleep) and try and sort it out in the morning.

I am just flabbergasted by the hubris, political posturing, and blatant attempts by the McCain campaign to delay a debate that the American people need to see.  I cannot believe that the President also injected himself into this mess by convening (very conveniently) the leaders of Congress at the White House tomorrow afternoon; a meeting that Senator Obama will attend.  I have come to the inescapable conclusion that John McCain does not possess the judgment nor the temperament to be President Of The United States.  He clearly no longer has the mental capability to make decisions of an important nature (as does his running mate) in addition to his disastrous policy proposals.  He is unstable.  He is trying to stonewall the American People by not holding Press Conferences (any longer than 5 minutes, that is), and not allowing the Press to question or make available Sarah Palin.  This is the sign of a man desperate for power at any cost, by shutting out the media in an attempt to ensure the neither he nor his running mate effectively put their case before the American Citizens.   He is hoping that the American People will only believe sound bites and dirty ads to get elected.  It is now clear to me that there is one inescapable conclusion based on today’s events:

John McCain is a COWARD.

“You cannot be disciplined in great things and indisciplined in small things. Brave undisciplined men have no chance against the discipline and valor of other men. Have you ever seen a few policemen handle a crowd?”
-General George S. Patton


2 responses to “Johnny On The Spot

  1. I’m not sure if he’s a coward, but perhaps just an old man with problems, more than likely from the looks of things lately, early onset Alzheimers or Dementia. I don’t honestly think he’s the one pulling the strings, but I do believe he’s being played by unscrupulous denizens in the background.

  2. If medical problems are indeed an issue, he should put “Country First” and pull out of the race to allow another candidate to be selected. He is doing a great disservice to the American People by allowing his candidacy to continue. He is not confronting his advisers nor himself, and that is the mark of a COWARD.

    I had a drinking problem. It took several relatives and friends and several futile years to get me to stop. The hardest thing to do is confront yourself, admit you have a problem, and move on. The freedom you attain just by doing this simple act enables you to be freer than you have ever been in your life. Complete and total emancipation. I also have my 9/11 demons, and confronted them as well and somehow managed to reconcile these two major issues in my life. It is not bravery on my part (as some have said; but I always say it wasn’t)…it was necessary to LIVE and to be emotionally and spiritually in a better place. The act itself is not being brave, it is in NOT facing your issues that you are a coward.

    John McCain is a coward, plain and simple.

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