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I mention in my brief biography to the right that I’m a freelance writer (FREE being the operative word).  Well, I owe my friend some music reviews I promised for his website, so I’m going to spend today stepping away from politics, and diving headfirst into the world of Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal.  I think I need a break too; my kids are starting to think this guy hunched over the Mac is some stranger.  I’m hoping to get a new post up after 8pm Eastern tomorrow, Saturday September 20.

Which brings me to my next point: I’m kind of new to this blogging thing, and I just figured out that WordPress operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), so a new day for a blog begins somewhere around 8pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-4 due to Eastern Daylight Savings Time) in the USA (which is where I’m located).  In order to keep my site statistics in line with that, just so I can get an accurate picture of traffic without any overlap between days, all new posts (unless noted) will appear after 8 PM EST, as close to that time as possible.  So please be on the look-out for new posts (the ones that I have planned by featuring their title the day before) at that time.

You may have noticed I’ve been commenting as we roll along, and that’s just what I’ll continue to do.  Longer and more thoughtful replies I’ll kind of put in a “mailbag” post every two weeks or so (And yes, I plan on calling it “Fan Mail From Some Flounder”, LOL).  If you want to comment by e-mail (without having to be in print), the e-mail is

Regarding comments: I don’t care how many you make…make a ton of them.  Just please keep them on topic and please, no outlandish conspiracy theories from the tin foil hat club.  While I can believe just about anything these days, there are some things that are just too WAY out there for me.  I’ve been looking at over some blogs (just to get some ideas on maybe how to run things) and moderation in the comments might not be a bad idea as it keeps things on topic.  We’ll see.  Right now, things will remain unmoderated until the tin-foil hat local chapter shows up.

Once we get this blog “re-set” together and I finish those music reviews, things will be back to normal…well, abnormal.


Thanks for your patience.




2 responses to “Some Site Info

  1. you can change the time your blog works in… On Dashboard, go to Settings, then scroll down to Timezone. Eastern is UTC -4.

    Took me a while too…:)

    Yup, I’ve done that…however, the site stats cannot be changed and those are managed out of WordPress which uses GMT. I’m interested in seeing total visits in a 24 hour window world-wide, hence the blog re-set, We should all be fine now. Need another tin foil hat? 😀 -Ark

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