An Angry Interlude

Before I go off an post the next installment of the “Republic” series in a few hours, I  need to acknowledge a few things, and make you aware of others.

The MSM has been totally downplaying the disastrous situation that is unfolding in Houston right now, as people are without food, water, power, and gasoline.  This coming from several bloggers who have witnessed lines at supermarkets that stretch around the block, hundreds at the check-out counters, and fights breaking out between people over everything and all of the above.  This is not pretty, and most of it involves the complete failure on the part of FEMA to get their shit together.

I have a friend who volunteered a few weeks ago in Louisiana after Gustav, and she said that the BRAND NEW FEMA SHELTER was a joke: a kitchen with no way to cook anything, sewage drains that backed up into the building because of bad plumbing, no air conditioning, and having hundreds of evacuees dumped on the shelter when they informed the FEMA people that the place was not safe.  FEMA was carting these people around like cattle.  It appears that the same is going on with the survivors of Ike; and NO ONE IS COVERING THIS.  Granted, we have a massive Financial Crisis on our hands; but we are forgetting about displaced and disgusted Human Beings who are trying to survive.  THIS IS AMERICA, DO SOMETHING GODDAMNIT!  Help get this story out in your Blogs.  AND MAKE THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES AWARE OF IT AS WELL, because they are not mentioning a damned thing.

I’ll post something later…but right now this has me pissed off like you have no idea.  This is a cover-up by the government and the media to hide the incompetence of FEMA and the rest of the clowns at the so-called Homeland Security Department.  GET OFF YOUR FAT BUREAUCRATIC ASSES AND DO SOMETHING!



One response to “An Angry Interlude

  1. ok ok! I promise tomorrow I’ll blog about the Houston post-hurricane situation … I have been watching the local broadcasts. The Big Three stations in Houston are ABC-KTRK, NBC-KPRC, and CBS-KHOU and all have been streaming live on the internet since before the storm and continue to do so. Further they have hoards of raw video and blogs… saw one today that said something to the effect of “how can I get from Stafford to Pasadena to get to a supply center when I have no gasoline and there is no power to pump gasoline?” Stafford to Pasadena is about 35 miles. If that is the closest supply center some one in FEMA needs a Houston Metro map. And on behalf of my Houston friends and relatives, thanks for your outrage.

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