One Storm Over, Another One Brewing

One thing I noticed about all the coverage of Ike today was the lack of any comparison with Katrina.  Based on what I was seeing, it looked as bad at the very least.  Houston however, posed a completely different set of problems than New Orleans did with the amount of skyscrapers there.  My former employer (JP Morgan Chase) had their building lose many windows; the glass littering the streets below.  (They have the tallest skyscraper at 75 stories).  One news report stated that there were folders strewn on the streets noted “Highly Confidential” on them.  Not a good thing for a large corporation trying to keep its edge and reputation intact in a very questionable industry these days.

Outside of Houston, the flooding looked intense; and Galveston was completely devastated.  4 million customers (that’s HOMES not people…so multiply that by at least two and you’ll get the number of people affected) are without power and 100,000 homes are believed destroyed.  I think after all is said and done, Ike may be more costly than Katrina.  Not in terms of human life (only 2 dead so far; but many missing who decided to ride Ike out) or property…but the economy.  The oil refineries that process 20% of American oil have stopped production for a number of days, and there is no word on when they will begin starting up production again.  While both campaigns put out sympathetic statements today, John McCain noted that there may be tough times at the gas pump and he was concerned.

OK Mac…thanks for the note of sympathy as we’ll hit $5 a gallon soon and heating oil prices will skyrocket.  Thanks for the sympathy as you head off the long-range attack strategy of the Dems who will most assuredly use that to bolster their case against 8 years of hell under this Administration.  Thanks for the sympathy as you’ll have no problem paying the bills on all of your homes and SUV’s because you married into money.  To quote your running mate: “Thanks, but no thanks”.

Speaking of Governor Moosellini, she had a “Welcome Home, Sarah” pep rally in Alaska that drew 2,000 (according to the campaign, but was in the “hundreds” according to a local TV station…in Anchorage, no less.)  650,000 had the chance to see her in a ballroom that had only “hundreds” out of a 5,000 person capacity.  You think that the next Joan of Arc would have managed to muster a hell of a lot more than that.  Maybe she didn’t say her prayers last weekend while she was cramming for Charlie Gibson’s interview (which, I thought was very well done on Charlie Gibson’s part).  Then again, she probably missed a day of foreign policy cramming as Joe Lieberman takes Saturdays off and had to make it up somewhere.  How else would she have not known what the Bush Doctrine was?  She did manage to know that Alaska was next to Russia…who she would have no hesitation in starting a war with.

While Joan (who will be having a lovely stake and bonfire prepared for her shortly…see below) was returning to the Lower 48, a group of brave souls attended the “Alaska Women Reject Palin” rally, which was better attended than the Palin rally!  Some great pictures and all the details from our intrepid friend AK Muckraker on Mudflats.  AKM has been doing an incredible job of bringing out the truth about Sister Sarah since her anointment two weeks ago.  Mudflats is the place to go to get the inside information of what’s really going on behind the scenes in “the only State in our Union above the Arctic Circle” (Geography lesson courtesy of Saint Sarah of Wasilla).

The storm that is arriving has been brewing over the past few weeks with the various outright lies that the McCain campaign has been pushing as truth.  It’s been churning with the various allegations about Governor Bullwinkle (apologies to Wassamatta U) and her various hiring and firing practices.  Her lack of any knowledge outside of Alaska.  Her complete and utter lack of a discernible brain pattern that doesn’t involve fashion and perhaps “American Idol” (apologies to Clay Aiken).  From the front page of the New York Times:

This should capture the rest of the Mainstream Media’s attention and get to the core of this incompetent power mad individual.  John McCain better get a food taster if he’s elected; I have a feeling 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton would be preferable to having 4 years of a modern day Marie Di Medici looking over his shoulder.  Because the only cross McCain will be looking at on the ground might very well be his own.

TOMORROW: How I really feel about Sarah Palin in that post I promised you the other day, complete with the latest in scandal and spin.

“You win every time you say ‘No I won’t’ one more time than They say ‘Yes, you will'” -Captain John Sheridan (Babylon 5)


3 responses to “One Storm Over, Another One Brewing

  1. Thanks for the post. It is a joy to finally be reading something well written, thoughtful, and insightful. (and truly honest!)

    I also found the article in the NY Times very interesting indeed. It says a lot about Sarah’s ability to compromise or even try to work with folks that may have a differing opinion. That speaks loudly to her personality, a personality we can ill afford in the White House.

    Her lack of knowledge of the world at large or the nation in general is frightening to say the least. As thin on experience as Sen. Obama’s is, I get the feeling he has a lot more on the ball in the grey matter department. It certainly seems that the man understands the world around him and how it works. He also can make coherent decisions. Think before you do, always a wise course.

    Sen. McCain on the other hand strikes me as the sort of guy that has other people do his thinking for him. I am very disappointed to see all too often he has to get back to reporters on how he stands on any particular issue. Get back to us? Doesn’t he know what he thinks? “In these perilous times…”, as the Republicans are so fond of saying, we do not need mindlessness in the White House either.

    As far as Biden goes, I do not know too much about him and will start researching his record as I have done with the others in this race. How unfortunate that Gov. Palin has had so much coverage, mostly on silly stuff, that the issues are being ignored.

  2. Good post and yes the things in Houston are pretty damn bad. The television stations are still live streaming: KHOU (CBS) and KTRK (ABC) … KHOU has raw footage of their helicopter shared feed to other media and is most of what you are seeing nationally in aerial footage. Entire communities on the coast are simply gone, possibly along with some of the people who didn’t heed warnings and evacuate. They are still claiming the efforts in Crystal Beach and the Bolivar Peninsula area are “search and rescue” … so sad that we now know the difference between that term and others not-so-optimistic … keep writing!

  3. Oh, one more thing… just personal rambling, but I used to work in the (now) Chase bldg… It was Texas Commerce Bank bldg when I worked that @TCB. I could see my office window on the 7th floor, blinds flapping. Now that I live in tornadoland, I do believe there was a tornado. The Rice Hotel bldg in the next block had one window in the middle of the 2nd floor sucked out… Hurricanes don’t do that, tornadoes do. Back in 1983 when I worked at that bldg the windows remained intact. Alicia was ever so slightly stronger @ Cat 3 115 mph winds.

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