A Danger To The Republic: Part I

My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.” – Ronald Reagan

That was supposed to be a joke.  So is Sarah Palin.

Never before in my lifetime have I ever seen a more unfit and unqualified candidate for the office of The Vice President of the United States.  The frightening possibility is that she may very well become President due to the various health issues that have plagued Senator McCain in the past.  These, of course, are well documented.  It’s what is NOT documented that worries me.  John McCain has offered access to his medical records only ONCE, and they were released to the press in a room where no cameras, phones, or Internet devices were allowed.  They were only available for a few hours…THOUSANDS of pages; only for a few hours.  This is a frightening prospect because we have no idea about the complete medical picture of potentially the next President of The United States.  This video on You Tube offers some opinions by physicians and details of the data that was able to be accessed by the media:

When you enter that voting booth on November 4th, pretend that lever or button is the one connected to a frightening future of nuclear annihilation.  We are not just talking about John McCain here (I’ll get to him in another post), we are talking about the very real possibility that Sarah Palin could become the 45th President Of The United States due to her Boss’ current and/or future state of health.  It’s bad enough we are dealing with a man who most likely has Acute PTSD, a hair trigger temper and what looks like the onset of senility; we will be dealing with a woman who is clearly unprepared, unqualified, and unimaginable as President Of The United States.  She is not only a danger to this Republic, she is a danger to Humanity.

Consider her fast ascent in the Republican Party; which is now securely in the hands of the Right Wing Neocons and Evangelicals (READ: NUTCASES).  Why has she advanced so far in such a short amount of time?  Why is it that when there were so many other men and women (ESPECIALLY women) candidates who were eminently more qualified to be Vice President, McCain chose Palin?  If McCain was looking for a woman on the ticket, why not choose Kay Bailey Huchison or Olympia Snow; both of whom are very much in the Conservative camp, but are not Pro-Life?  Why indeed?

Palin’s rise seems too good to be true from the outside, but from within the Neocon Camp, it reads like the best script ever written.  Here we have everything the Neocons are looking for: Right Wing Right To Lifer (even MORE extreme than most Pro-Life candidates), NRA Credentials (lifelong member), tough image as a hunter and outdoors-type, mother of five.  She has slowly been groomed by the Alaskan Republicans to be in their inner circle while appearing to be outside of it; hence, her false image as a “Reformer and Maverick”.  She has been virtually unknown outside of Alaska…and THIS is the best part for the Neocons.

Anonymity.  Who needs Skull and Bones when we have Wolf and Antlers?  The PERFECT Vice Presidential Candidate to forward the Neocon Agenda even further and possibly ensureing McCain’s compliance as well.  The PERFECT Candidate to groom for her eventual succession to the Presidency either by death or election should McCain win in the fall.  The PERFECT Candidate with which to manipulate the public for two short months and get their attention while preparations are being made (just in case) to steal the election and ensure their continuation of power.  The PERFECT Candidate with which to deflect any attack or investigation into her short (and possibly corrupt) Political past by crying “sexism” at every available opportunity.  What a great tandem with the lies put forth on a daily basis by the McCain campaign in the hopes that if the public hear the lies enough times, it will become the Truth!  Just ask Joseph Goebbels.

What her Neocon mentors and trainers are not factoring into the Big Equation is one constant: ambition, as in Sarah Palin’s.  Throughout her life she has been ambitious, which by itself is certainly an admirable trait, but coupled with a thirst for power that is insatiable, is a dangerous recipe for ANYONE to deal with.  Perhaps even her current Mentors.  There may come a time where the Student becomes the Master, and the former Master the Servant.  This will make the Anakin Skywalker/Obi-Wan Kenobi relationship pale in comparison.

So after they have polished off their diamond in the rough and properly taught her the fanatical ways of their ilk, Sarah Palin will no longer be the so-called hockey Mom whose lack of foreign policy knowledge was severely brought to fore over the course of Charlie Gibson’s interviews.  She will no longer be the token woman on the Republican Ticket.  She will no longer even be the butt of jokes, even on Saturday Night Live.  She will simply be not only too big for her handlers to control, but for any of our Elected Representatives at ANY level of Government to control either.  She will have all the power she ever wanted, and a Nuclear Arsenal and Armed Forces to back her up.  She will have all the power she ever wanted to do “God’s Will”.  And after that, she will have achieved nearly all she set out to do.

God better move over; because she’s coming for Him next.

“Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.” -James Madison

TOMORROW: A Danger To The Republic: Part II


2 responses to “A Danger To The Republic: Part I

  1. Arkangel3 you are right. She is nightmare-OliverStone-scary. She is the Mean Girl who would be King (as in “Balls” said the Queen, “If I had them I’d be King!”) Well, the nuclear arsenal and the power of the US government would make her the most powerful Mean Girl in the World. And, having been attacked by Mean Girls as a kid, I am here to agree with you, we cannot let this happen.

    Now, if you want to be even more frightened… go read another of our new found (Mudflatlanders) friend’s blogs Arn, AKA Cartoon Pig Dog: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=138399617&blogID=323976874&Mytoken=0ADB49C9-FE51-4292-8846E80208E2A0FF13341277 and http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=138399617&blogID=267995066&Mytoken=12EF90B5-290F-4724-9C4A572E99FBDC1829128723 These two blog entries are on NSPD51 and HR1955 which are extensions of the Patriot Act and an executive order giving the President draconian powers. Arn’s take on this is that the President, should he be so inclined on the day after the election (or any day before January 20th 2009) could announce that in the national interest, he was staying in office. Frankly this scares the bejabbers out of me. It has made me want to curl up fetal style with a blankie and a bottle! I will be blogging later this week about this, but for now… I say go check it out. Google the above numbers. If you aren’t scared by it tell me and I’ll rethink my fears. If you are scared… well, we can discuss it then.

  2. There was a period in which I wondered if McCain was the present-day Manchurian Candidate. But that harkens back to the Cold War days. Lately I’ve realized that it’s not McCain, but Palin. The empty vessel into which the neocons and the dominionist taliban American-style could pour their visions of a theocratic empire. I’m not sure which faction causes me more distress by itself, but once Palin has fully absorbed the agendas of both and melded them with her own endless ambition… we’re all screwed. We talk wistfully of leaving the country to more hospitable grounds, but should she ascend to the presidency and take action to bring on Armageddon, no place on the planet would be safe.

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